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Macedonia 06.07.21 | 18:48

Veljanoski dismisses attempts by the prosecution to link the April 27th trial with the incident in the US Capitol

Former Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski dismissed the attempts of the prosecution which tried to compare the 2017 incident in the Parliament with the incident in the US Capitol in January 2021. If the events in the US Congress are in any way linked to this trial, then some evidence would have been...

Macedonia 08.01.21 | 18:05

Ambassador Byrnes condemns the assault on the US Capitol

US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Byrnes tweeted out her condemnation of the incident in the US Congress and welcomed its condemnation by Macedonian political parties. There can be no excuse for acts of political violence like Wednesday’s assault on the United States Capitol. — Ambassador Kate...

World 06.01.21 | 22:49

US President Trump calls on the protesters to leave the Capitol

US President Donald Trump called on his supporters to stop the protest inside the Capitol building and go home, hours after a large rally turned unruly and the Congress building was taken over. I know you’re in pain. I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. A landslide...

World 06.01.21 | 22:31

Protesters in control of the US Capitol building

The situation in the DC Capitol remains tense, as hundreds of protesters remain inside the Congress. At least one woman was shot in the riot that broke out after President Donald Trump called on his supporters to come to the US capital, and accused the Democratic Party of rigging the 2020 election against...

World 06.01.21 | 21:35

Trump supporters break into the Capitol building

Groups of Donald Trump supporters pushed through the Capitol police and entered the building of Congress in DC. The protests broke out after President Trump addressed a large crowd in Washington, insisting that the presidential election which is being called in favor of Joe Biden was rigged against him....