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Macedonia 29.05.23 | 14:51

Macedonian Turks were celebrating Erdogan’s victory until early morning hours

Members of the Turkish ethnic community celebrated in Skopje President Taip Erdogan’s electoral victory until early Monday morning. Organized in vehicles with Turkish flags, the Macedonian Turks were driving around the city’s central area, honking and shouting.    

Macedonia 09.09.22 | 11:31

The government celebrated Independence Day in a narrow street

The Independence Day celebration organized by the Government was miserable. Instead of being marked on the “Macedonia” square with many people, it took place in the Ibni Pajko neighborhood. It is unclear why the government decided on this location although party sources say it was chosen...

Macedonia 07.09.22 | 09:44

The government is preparing a miserable celebration of Independence Day, the name of the Macedonian state will not be mentioned

Macedonia’s Government is set to organize several events and cultural activities across the country to celebrate September 8 – Independence Day under the theme of “United in Freedom”. The central celebration, when we celebrate the sovereignty and independence of our country and the Macedonian...

Macedonia 12.08.22 | 22:18

DUI’s donor company, which is to procure certificates for students, is organizing the Framework Agreement celebration

“Arberia” is written on several vans and trucks parked on “Skenderbeg” square in Skopje. In the photos published by the 360 degrees news portal, the stage and equipment are already being set up on the square and the space is being arranged for tomorrow’s event entitled “PEACE...

Macedonia 12.08.22 | 11:56

VMRO-DPMNE: In times of crisis, DUI and SDSM will spend 70,000 euros for party celebration of Framework Agreement, while Tetovo has no drinking water

The SDSM/DUI government is lost in space and detached from reality. For a one-day celebration on the occasion of the Framework Agreement, over 70 thousand euros will be spent only on parties and singers, at a time when the state is in crisis and when the citizens of Tetovo do not have basic living conditions,...

Macedonia 10.08.21 | 16:04

Grubi to spend half a million euros for the Framework Agreement celebration in Aleksandar Palace Hotel

First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi announced a spectacular celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Framework Agreement on August 13. The Aleksandar Palace Hotel has been booked and there will be a concert by opera singer Rame Lahaj with the Macedonian Philharmonic. Yesterday, Grubi said that...

Macedonia 14.12.20 | 11:02

Coz we can: SDSM officials open a bar after hours to celebrate the “corona elections” in Stip

Following the SDSM “victory party” in the uncontested mayoral elections in Stip, pictures were shared not only from a brass band celebration on the city square, but also from a gathering of party officials in a bar where they were not wearing masks or maintaining distance at a time when the bar should’ve...

Macedonia 14.12.20 | 08:11

SDSM supporters hire a brass band to celebrate their win in the mayoral “corona elections” in Stip

Activists of the ruling SDSM party, led by their mayoral candidate Sasko Nikolov, who is a doctor, held a loud celebration of their election win on Sunday evening. Nikolov ran practically unopposed, except for a few small party candidates who were there to help him reach the turnout necessary to win...

Macedonia Sport 12.11.20 | 23:39

Parties break out across Macedonia

Parties celebrating the historic entry in a European Championship are breaking out across the country. In Strumica, Sasko Pandev, the brother of team captain Goran Pandev who scored the crucial goal against Georgia, had the famous Angusevi brass band to celebrate. Sasko got Goran on the phone to share...

Macedonia Sport 12.11.20 | 22:02

Skopje is out in the streets, waiting for the football heroes

The heroic Macedonian national football team is expected to take off from Tbilisi airport this evening. Due to the dense fog, it’s not clear whether they will be able to return to the capital Skopje, or will seek a different near-by airport. In any case, thousands of citizens of the capital are...

Macedonia 09.05.20 | 10:20

EU organizes an event to celebrate May 9 in Skopje

The EU Embassy in Macedonia is holding an event to celebrate May 9 as the day of Europe, with speeches from European and Macedonian officials. The event will include a video address from Commissioner Oilver Varhelyi, as well as honoring the victims and the first responders in the coronavirus epidemic.

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 12:21

Vardar welcoming celebration planned for this evening

Vardar will touch down in Skopje at 18:50 this evening, and will proceed from the airport to the Macedonia Square, where they will be welcomed by expected tens of thousands of fans. An entry through the Macedonia Gate – an honor reserved for champions – is planned for the team who won its...