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Macedonia 30.04.20 | 18:20

Filipce: COVID-19 manifests the same in children and adults

In Macedonia, COVID-19 has so far manifested the same way in children, as it has in adults, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at Thursday’s press conference answering a reporter’s question after several European countries noted a rise in children infected with coronavirus who show atypical...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 10:12

Four children treated for Covid-19, including a four month old

Four children are currently treated in the Kozle hospital in Skopje, after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Doctor Angelco Andonovski said that the youngest of them is just months old, while one, that could have the virus was born four days ago. The hospital was set aside to treat children infected...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 20:23

18 children under age 9 diagnosed with coronavirus

According to Public Health Institute (PHI) statistics, a total of 18 children under the age of nine have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Macedonia, all of which are in stable condition and do not require extended stays in hospital, doctor Vladimir Mikikj from the PHI said at a press conference on...

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 19:34

Coronavirus scare: Parents and relatives told they can’t visit their sick children in the Pediatric Clinic

The Pediatric Clinic in Skopje informed the public that it’s closed for visitors and urged the parents of hospitalized children to show understanding for the situation after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed. Parents and relatives are urged not to visit their sick children and are informed...

Macedonia 29.11.19 | 15:16

In the latest case of child abuse, a nanny charged with mistreating 3-year old twins in Skopje

New details emerged in the case of the nanny arrested in Skopje yesterday, who was charged with abuse and neglect. It’s the second such case in a period of just 10 days, after a shocking video led to the arrest of a nanny that was beating up a child entrusted to her care. Nanny licensing failed...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 14:53

Social Affairs Center: Children placed in separate place and taken away from their parents

The Center for Social Affairs issued Thursday a statement regarding the case of children locked in a car in the settlement of Lisice. The Center reported that the children were temporarily taken away from their parents and placed in a foster family. Documents and official results of the police and BPPO...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 12:08

Father of children left alone in a car was at church for Assumption of Mary Day celebration

Two children were found alone in a car parked in Skopje’s Novo Lisice neighborhood on Wednesday. The police, after citizens’ alerted, removed them from the vehicle and took them to the Clinical Center in Skopje. Eyewitnesses told Republika that the children were alone in the car and crying,...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 10:28

Two children left alone dehydrated in a car, citizens break car window to rescue them

Two children were found Wednesday alone and dehydrated in an Alfa Romeo vehicle parked in a parking lot on Blvd. “Vidoe Smilevski Bato”. Citizens alerted, and called the police. Unofficially, one of the eyewitnesses at the event smashed the car window to get the minor children out of the...

Macedonia 05.04.19 | 13:27

Was your child born in the Republic of North Macedonia?

Was your child born in the Republic of North Macedonia? If not, how old was your child when he/she came to the Republic of North Macedonia. This is part of the questionnaire that was distributed Thursday among parents of fourth graders in some schools in Skopje.

Macedonia 08.03.19 | 18:56

Parents from Kumanovo who forced their children to beg charged with neglect

Mother and father from Kumanovo were charged with neglect after they forced their several underage children to beg. The children were taken around Kumanovo and in Skopje, where they would be driven to different busy locations and ordered to ask for money. Macedonia has a long standing problem with this...

Balkans 28.02.19 | 15:13

Croatian man threw his four children off the balcony, one girl badly injured

A disturbed 54 year old man from the Croatian island of Pag shocked the country when he threw his four small children from the balcony of his house. Fortunately all the children survived the ordeal, but a seven year old girl is in surgery with head injuries. I heard cries, came out of the house and saw...