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Macedonia 27.03.20 | 20:14

Field hospital with 130 beds being set up in Skopje

A field hospital with 130 beds is being set up next to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, meant to be used if the coronavirus epidemic escalates. Military teams helped clear out the area and will help set up the hospital. Macedonia has over 200 diagnosed patients, several dozens of whom currently...

Macedonia 23.03.20 | 14:49

Main Gynecologly Clinic in Skopje will only accept very high risk patients and those with the coronavirus

The Skopje Gynecology Clinic announced it will only accept very high risk pregnancy patients and those who are possibly carrying the coronavirus. All other expecting mothers in Skopje will be sent to the Cair clinic. Republika was told by the main Gynecology Clinic, which is part of the Mother Teresa...

News 17.03.20 | 18:17

Doctor and staff at a Debar clinic test positive to the coronavirus

Arben Agoli, a doctor from a pediatric clinic in Debar, reported over the social media that he and staff members have contracted the coronavirus and that the clinic will be under quarantine for two weeks. Debar is the hotbed of the epidemic in Macedonia, with most of the two dozen cases coming from this...

Macedonia 09.03.20 | 13:53

Chaos in the Skopje clinic: director Caca contracted the coronavirus during a ski trip to Italy

The doctor who was diagnosed with coronavirus today is Nina Caca Biljanovska, the head of the Dermatology Clinic in Skopje. In a shocking display of poor judgement, Caca went to northern Italy for a ski trip in the Dolomites, where the disease is raging in full force, which she dutifully instagrammed. As...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 11:46

After having too much alcohol, 29 people welcomed the New Year in the Skopje Clinic

Twenty-nine people, including a 14 year old boy, were treated after drinking too much alcohol in the Skopje Clinic on New Year’s Eve. No drug over-doses were reported and most of the alcohol cases were with light symptoms. The oldest patient who couldn’t hold his liquor was 63 years old.

Macedonia 01.08.19 | 20:03

VMRO says Zaev is prepared to pay much more for the new clinic, just to avoid EBRD scrutiny

VMRO-DPMNE blasted Zoran Zaev’s latest plan for the construction of a new clinic west of Skopje, which would cost half a billion EUR and will be funded commercially, instead of using money from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as initially planned. According to Igor Nikolov...

Macedonia 03.07.19 | 17:09

Portion of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje left without air conditioning in 40 degrees weather

As Macedonia faces pavement melting summer temperatures, the air conditioning unit in a portion of the Children’s Clinic in Skopje broke. Clinic manager Katerina Stavrik confirmed the defect in the neurological ambulance of the Clinic, after parents of patients complained online. We will have it...

Macedonia 14.05.19 | 22:28

The Government will tackle the chronic parking issue in Skopje’s main clinic

In an attempt to alleviate the traffic jams which make access to the Mother Teresa clinic complex extremely difficult even for emergency patients, a plan is put forward to build two multistorey garages. The Government intends to publish a call for private companies who would build the garages, and would...

Macedonia 28.02.19 | 10:57

Karpalak bus crash reveals serious problems in the public healthcare system

The tragic bus crash on the Skopje – Tetovo highway on February 13th which killed 15 people and left 30 more injured revealed serious flaws in the healthcare system. The trauma center in the 8th of September hospital in Skopje, which cared for many of the patients, had serious problems caring for...

Economy 27.02.19 | 23:26

Zaturoska to Zaev: Are you building a new clinic or a space ship?

During the question time in the Parliament, Liljana Zaturoska from VMRO-DPMNE asked Zoran Zaev about the enormous price tag he slapped on the new clinical center. The expansion of the Mother Teresa clinic was supposed to cost 120 million EUR, but the project Zaev put forward, with a new location, is...

Macedonia 05.02.19 | 16:40

After a delay of two years, Filipce chose the location for the new Skopje clinic

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce informed today that the new Skopje clinic center will be built in the western Gjorce Petrov suburb of the city. The clinic was supposed to be built as a major expansion wing of the existing Mother Teresa clinic in downtown Skopje, and work was about to begin after technical...

Macedonia 22.01.19 | 21:49

Skopje mayor Silegov faces backlash over steep clinic parking fees again

Skopje mayor Petre Silegov apologized to the citizens for the second round of increases of the parking fees at the main Skopje Mother Teresa clinic. After sparking a protest of clinic employees, Silegov today faced angry comments from patients, who were forced to pay 70 denars (1.2 EUR) per hour of parking. We...

Economy 17.12.18 | 11:44

Mickoski: VMRO-DPMNE will support the doctor’s protests

VMRO-DPMNE expressed its support for the doctors from the Skopje Mother Teresa Clinic, who are protesting poor working conditions and the hike in their parking fees. – This Government promised doctors it will increase their salaries to 100.000 denars. Not only they lied about this promise, but...

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