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Macedonia 19.12.20 | 12:23

Total of 470 coronavirus patients are currently treated in the Skopje clinics

Public clinics in Skopje admitted 36 new coronavirus patients in the past 24 hours and currently care for 470 patients. A total of 39 patients were discharged, leaving several dozen spare beds. The most severe Covid-19 cases are treated in Skopje, in the Infectious Diseases Clinic and the 8th of September...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 13:25

Covid clinics in Skopje admit 30 new patients, discharge 32

A total of 30 Covid-19 patients were admitted to clinics in the capital Skopje over the past 24 hours, and 32 were discharged, bringing the total of patients to 452. The most severe cases are treated in the capital, especially in the Infectious Diseases Clinic and the 8th of September hospital, which...

Macedonia 24.06.20 | 16:43

Corona epidemic: Over 350 patients hospitalized, Cair remains the worst affected part of the country

The number of patients treated in the now three clinics in Skopje set aside for the most serious Covid-19 cases has dropped slightly to 229, after reaching 250 yesterday, and there are more than a 100 patients treated in hospitals in Bitola, Stip, Prilep and other cities, bringing the total over 350...

Macedonia 20.05.20 | 18:19

Clinics prepare for admission of regular patients as of next week

Clinics will most probably be prepared to admit regular patients as of next week, in accordance with established protocols, said Health Minister Venko Filipce on Wednesday. Minister Filipce told a press conference that the clinics’ capacities are still being prepared, because a large portion operate...

World 21.12.19 | 11:20

Hungary takes over six private fertility clinics, will have them offer free treatment to the public

The Hungarian Government announced it is taking over the six private fertility clinics and will boost their funding to make sure the largest possible number of couples have access to treatment there. The Viktor Orban Government is strongly focused on improving Hungary’s demographics and is offering...

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