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Macedonia 07.04.21 | 10:17

Another cold wave hits Macedonia

Macedonia is experiencing a new cold wave, with light snow registered in the capital Skopje and heavier snow in the mountains. Temperatures have dropped noticeably and today the highs will range between 5 and 15 degrees. Skopje will see a high of barely 7 degrees. Starting Thursday, forecasters expect...

Macedonia 14.03.21 | 11:11

Cold and rainy week ahead

Forecasters expect a notably colder week to come, with Sunday as the last relatively warm and sunny day. Temperatures today will reach up to 20 degrees, but starting Monday, we can expect a strong northern wind that will knock temperatures down by between 7 and 9 degrees. Mountainous areas will see some...

Macedonia Sport 16.02.21 | 21:32

Danish handball team protests freezing conditions before their game in Bitola

Handball players from the Danish GOG Gudme club are visiting Bitola for a match against Eurofarm Pelister. Even thought they come from the north, the visiting team was not prepared for how cold Bitola gets in winter, especially with the on-going cold spell. The team posted a Youtube video showing the...

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 10:12

Blast of winter – deep snow covers Macedonia as temperatures drop well below zero

After a mild winter, Macedonia is now experiencing serious cold. Snow fell non-stop throughout the country over the weekend, covering even the low-lying parts of the country. Temperatures dropped down to minus 18 degrees in the Popova Sapka ski resort, and -15 in Mavrovo and Krusevo. Even southern cities...

Macedonia 12.02.21 | 09:03

Snowy and very cold weekend ahead

Overnight a major drop in temperatures came over across Macedonia and the region. Forecasters expect lows between -9 and -1 degrees today, and daily highs between -2 and 6. During the weekend, snow is expected across Macedonia, especially in the south-west of the country. Temperatures will remain low,...

Macedonia 11.02.21 | 10:10

Major storm expected today, serious drop in temperatures over the weekend

A powerful storm is expected later today, with winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour and up to 20 liters of rain per square meter. After the relatively balmy past few days, temperatures will begin to drop today, and the lows will reach -12 degrees over the weekend. Parts of the country won’t see...

Macedonia 26.01.21 | 09:51

Cold and snowy days ahead

Temperatures across Macedonia have dropped significantly today, and new snow is falling on the mountains. Daily highs are expected at between 4 and 10 degrees, and forecasters expect temperatures to continue to go down in the coming days. Popova Sapka continues to have the most snow – 40 centimeters,...

Macedonia 12.01.21 | 13:37

Cold and snowy days ahead

A period of dropping temperatures and snow are expected starting tomorrow afternoon. Forecasters expect that the western parts of Macedonia will see the most snow. The rest of the country will initially see a thin layer of snow, except for higher elevations. The snow falls will end by Friday but the...

Macedonia 02.01.21 | 11:33

Colder, rainy days ahead

After a warm and sunny New Year weekend, forecasters are predicting clouds and rains starting Sunday evening, and snow in the mountains. Temperatures are declining, with the daily highs expected to reach between 5 and 14 degrees Centigrade.

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 10:21

Cold spell continues, as morning temperatures fall well below zero

The cold spell continues over Macedonia, with temperatures dropping to – 14 degrees in the mountainous village of Lazaropole. Berovo, Bitola and Mavrovo were almost just as cold, while the capital Skopje had morning temperatures at 2 degrees below zero. Dojran and Gevgelija are warmest this morning,...

Macedonia 01.02.20 | 20:42

Major drop in temperatures expected next week

After an unseasonably warm winter, forecasters are expecting a major drop in temperatures next week. Warm weather, with temperatures of up to 20 degrees Centigrade, will last until Tuesday, but then a drop of 15 degrees is expected. Over three days we can expect strong winds, snow in the mountains and...

Macedonia 24.01.20 | 10:25

Low morning temperatures, Berovo reaches minus 11 Celsius

The cold spell continues across Macedonia, with morning temperatures reaching minus 11 in Berovo. Daily highs will reach between 5 and 13 degrees Centigrade. Despite the cold, there is not much snow in the two main ski resorts. Mavrovo is covered by 11 centimeters, and in Popova Sapka there are just...

Macedonia 06.12.19 | 10:13

Temperatures continue to drop, Berovo coldest this morning with -8 degrees

Temperatures continue to dip across Macedonia as the winter begins in earnest. The coldest temperatures this morning were recorded in Berovo – with -8 degrees Centigrade, followed by the ski resort of Mavrovo which had -4. Ohrid, Prespa, Bitola, Gevgelija and Dojran were warmest, with 2 degrees. Mavrovo...

Macedonia 07.10.19 | 13:41

Warmer weather for the remainder of the week

The cold front is expected to disperse tomorrow, and temperatures across Macedonia will go up by a few degrees. Morning lows will reach 7 degrees Centigrade, while daily highs will go up to 18 degrees. The weather is expected to remain stable, with a gradual increase in temperatures until Friday.

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 21:56

Significant drop in temperatures expected starting Wednesday

A major drop in temperatures is expected on Wednesday evening, and by Saturday, we can see temperatures around 0 overnight. Forecasters say that on Thursday, temperatures can drop by 10 degrees compared to Wednesday, and strong winds and occasional rains can be expected. Temperatures will still rise...

Macedonia 05.07.19 | 18:05

Warm weekend ahead but a major drop in temperatures expected mid next week

The exceptionally warm and sunny weather will last through the weekend and early next week, but starting Wednesday, forecasters are expecting a major cold and wet front which will bring temperatures down by 10 degrees. Forecaster Slavco Poposki expects temperatures between 30 and 38 degrees during the...

Life 01.02.19 | 19:39

Here are the wildest photos of the polar vortex rocking the US

A polar vortex swept through the Midwest this week, bringing with it historic low temperatures in some areas. Chicago, which was particularly hard-hit, dropped below -20 degrees on Thursday, with wind chill bringing temperatures down into the blistering -40s, Vice reported. The cold snap has claimed...

Health 27.12.18 | 11:46

How to get rid of a cold in just 24 hours

With winter coming, so too is the inevitable common cold that the chilly weather brings with it. Here are some top tips to help you ensure you stay one step ahead and combat your cold in just 24 hours. 1. Drink, Drink, Drink! Keeping hydrated is absolutely vital to help ‘flush’ out the cold,...