Tag: Commission for Infectious Diseases
Macedonia 24.08.21 | 17:09

Commission for Infectious Diseases decides not to introduce new restrictions

The Commission for Infectious Diseases decided Tuesday not to introduce new restrictions. The current ones that were adopted last week remain in force. According to the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, the current measures in force should continue until the population immunity is increased. The restrictions,...

Macedonia 11.08.21 | 16:24

School year to start on September 1, in-person learning depends on Infectious Diseases Commission

Parents sending kids back to school on September 1 can expect one of three scenarios to play out, education authorities said Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Education’s playbook, the best case scenario is for students to attend classes in person, but what may also happen is for some students...

Macedonia 19.07.21 | 14:12

No need for new restrictions, says Commission for Infectious Diseases

The Commission for Infectious Diseases at its regular meeting evaluated the epidemiological situation in Macedonia and decided there was no need for new coronavirus restrictions, according to the Ministry of Health on Monday. According to the analysis in Tetovo, the spread of the virus is due to non-compliance...

Macedonia 19.07.21 | 10:40

Infectious Diseases Commission to decide on restrictions following rising number of infections after wedding celebrations in Tetovo

The Commission for Infectious Diseases will decide Monday whether certain restrictions will be introduced for parties indoors following the rising number of new infections after weddings and family celebrations in Tetovo. The Commission will also consider the possibility of intensified border controls,...

Macedonia 04.07.21 | 09:49

Infectious Disease Commission to decide Monday on possible measures against the Delta strain of the coronavirus

In conditions of stable covid condition, the health authorities announce that half a million citizens will be vaccinated by next Friday, and tomorrow they will discuss possible new measures against the spread of the Delta strain of the virus. The Infectious Diseases Commission will have to assess tomorrow...

Macedonia 28.05.21 | 09:36

Commission for Infectious Diseases considers lifting curfew and face mask mandate outdoors

The Commission for Infectious Diseases is considering lifting some of the pandemic-related measures, including cancelling curfew, dropping the face mask mandate outdoors and allowing restaurants to organize weddings up to 100 guests. Health Minister Venko Filipce informed on the social networks that...

Macedonia 30.03.21 | 12:25

Commission for Infectious Diseases reschedules meeting for Wednesday

The Commission for Infectious Diseases has rescheduled its meeting for Wednesday, Health Minister Venko Filipce informed. According to the Ministry, preparations are underway to start vaccination with the AstraZaneca vaccines, which arrived in the country under the Covax program.

Macedonia 30.03.21 | 09:28

Commission for Infectious Diseases to decide whether new restrictions will be introduced

The Commission for Infectious Diseases is set to hold a meeting today, at which the coronavirus situation will be reviewed, on the basis of which it will be decide whether there will be further restrictions for protection against the virus. The current situation with the pandemic will be also be discussed...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 22:26

Mickoski: Commission for Infectious Diseases should resign if it has a little morality

At Monday’s Facebook Q&A session, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE said if the members of the Commission for Infectious Diseases had virtue and morality, they would resign, but as he said, they continue to count the miserable money they take on the backs of the citizens’ health and serve the...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 10:12

Infectious Diseases Commission proposes obligatory PCR test upon entry for nationals of Serbia, Kosovo, BiH and Montenegro

The Commission for Infectious Diseases decided during its Wednesday meeting to submit a proposal to the government allowing nationals of Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro entry in Macedonia starting Thursday only with presentation of a valid PCR test, the Health Ministry said in a...

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