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Macedonia 14.04.21 | 19:05

EU member states decided not to discuss Balkan enlargement at the coming European Council

EU member states decided not to discuss Balkan enlargement during their upcoming European Council meeting on April 19th, the MIA news agency reported. The Zaev regime was hoping to have the issue of enlargement on the agenda, hoping to put some additional pressure on Bulgaria, which is blocking the opening...

Macedonia 16.10.20 | 20:21

Gjorce Petrov: SDSM had a council member attend meetings to help with the quorum despite having Covid-19 symptoms

An SDSM party member of the Gjorce Petrov municipal council has been attending meetings to help the party maintain the quorum despite the fat that he has Covid-19 symptoms. VMRO-DPMNE member of the council Marija Andonovska raised alarm about her colleague Vlatko Cvetkovski from SDSM, saying that he...

Macedonia 23.09.20 | 09:11

Pendarovski convenes the security council

President Stevo Pendarovski will convene a meeting of the National security council today. Pendarovski did not state a direct reason for the meeting, other than to have top officials in the country discuss the political and security situation following Macedonia’s entry into NATO. Throughout the...

World 22.07.20 | 22:17

Suddeutsche Zeitung: The European Council was a victory for Orban

German Suddeutsche Zeitung declared the outcome of the European Council and the agreement on the budget and the coronavirus relief aid a victory for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the central-European countries he represented. Orban fought a difficult fight with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte,...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:50

Pendarovski will convene the Security Council tomorrow

Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski will hold a new meeting of the Security Council tomorrow, to discuss the coronavirus epidemic. Pendarovski will expand the Council to include top healthcare, economic and monetary officials.

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 17:23

Varhelyi: Accesion talks with Macedonia and Albania could begin after June

European Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi said that the actual opening of accession talks for Macedonia and possibly Albania can be expected after June. Both countries were given an approval to open the accession talks yesterday, but no specific date was set. We want to submit both negotiating...

Macedonia 25.12.19 | 20:47

Council dismisses judge who vocally opposed Zaev’s take-over of the judiciary

The Judicial Council voted today to dismiss judge Vladimir Pancevski from his office. Pancevski was a strong, public critic of the take-over of the judiciary by the Zoran Zaev regime. He was President of the Skopje I court which deals with criminal cases. As such, the court was a major battleground in...

Macedonia 21.11.19 | 13:59

Ruskoska summoned before the Council of Prosecutors after threatening to take down a number of Appeals Court judges

The Council of Public Prosecutors summoned organized crime prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska to answer about her threat aimed at the Skopje Appeals Court judges. Ruskoska announced a financial investigation into the judges and reportedly sent a text message to at least one judge that she will make them “quake...

Macedonia 01.10.19 | 10:43

Official says France wants to reward Macedonia but adds that there are issues with the rule of law

French Minister for European Affairs Amelie de Montchalin would not reply directly whether France will support the opening of accession talks with Macedonia in October. De Montchalin praised Macedonia for accepting to change its name, saying not many countries would accept to do that, but also blamed...

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 14:20

EU expected to comment on the Macedonian name change on Monday

EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss Macedonia on Monday and to formulat an opinion on the Prespa agreement, under which the country is supposed to change its name into “North Macedonia”. According to the MIA state news agency, the EU Council has been informed about the ratification...