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Macedonia 01.03.21 | 21:36

Another vaccine gaffe from Sekerinska: Says that the Government could’ve tried to conceal the truth from the public

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska made another exceptionally reckless comment on the vaccine crisis. As Macedonia is among the last countries in Europe left without any meaningful quantity of vaccines, Sekerinska initially claimed that the Government could’ve procured a large quantity of vaccines...

Macedonia 29.01.21 | 21:33

Citizens are in dire need of vaccines, they must be procured as soon as possible

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in Friday’s interview with TV Kanal 5 that the Government should not be compared with countries that are not EU members and have not received vaccines, but should be compared with those countries that are not EU members, and yet they started vaccination. The...

Macedonia 24.12.20 | 14:35

Different statements made in a short period of time show that Filipce is lying

While other countries have either started or are making final preparations for the coronavirus vaccine because they know the exact date when vaccination will start, and of course the amount of vaccine doses, Filipce makes new statements and tells lies every day, Marija Andonovska from the Executive Committee...

Macedonia 23.12.20 | 14:49

The government doesn’t know when or how many vaccines it will receive from Bulgaria, Greece and Poland

The government does not know when or how many vaccines it will receive from Bulgaria, Greece or Poland, spokesperson Dusko Arsovski said answering a journalist’s question at Wedesday’s press conference. We still do not know how many vaccines Macedonia will receive from Bulgaria. The plan...

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