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Macedonia 01.03.19 | 15:06

Croatian parliament ratifies Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol

The Croatian Parliament, with 116 votes in favor and 2 against, ratified Friday the NATO Accession Protocol of Macedonia. With that, Croatia is among the first countries, along with Greece and Albania, to ratify NATO Accession Protocol of Macedonia.

Balkans 28.02.19 | 15:13

Croatian man threw his four children off the balcony, one girl badly injured

A disturbed 54 year old man from the Croatian island of Pag shocked the country when he threw his four small children from the balcony of his house. Fortunately all the children survived the ordeal, but a seven year old girl is in surgery with head injuries. I heard cries, came out of the house and saw...

Sport 10.02.19 | 12:01

Croatian media release photographs of men who attacked Serbian water polo players in Split

Croatian media released photographs of some of the men who attacked three Serbian water polo players in Split. The incident happened on Saturday, when the Serbian Crvena Zvezda water polo team was supposed to play local Mornar team. Three Serbian players were walking down the Split Riva quay, when five...

Handball 22.01.19 | 14:51

World Handball Championship: Germany end Croatia’s medal hopes

Croatia’s hopes of a medal at the 2019 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship have ended at the hands of hosts Germany on Monday. In what was a must-win match, Croatia has come up just short and have lost to Germany 22-21 in Cologne, croatiaweek.com reports. Croatia was much improved from their loss...

Handball 15.01.19 | 09:31

Macedonia’s first defeat at the World Championship: Croatia pulls off impressive victory

Croatia has overcome its toughest test to date at the 2019 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship on Monday with flying colors, Croatiaweek reports. Led by captain Domagoj Duvnjak, Croatia was impressive in beating Macedonia 31-22 in Munich to stay unbeaten after three group matches. As in the opening...

Handball 14.01.19 | 15:38

World Championship 2019: Lazarov and Horvat lead Macedonia and Croatia to top of Group B

It was an eventful Sunday for SEHA countries competing at the World Championship 2019. In Munich, Macedonia opened the day with a win against Bahrain. Croatia followed the same path by beating Japan, which gave both teams maximum four points after two rounds. Tomorrow, Croatia and Macedonia will go head...

Balkans 11.01.19 | 13:42

Croatian gov’t to annul decision on Israeli F-16 fighters

Croatia’s government stated on Thursday evening that it would cancel its decision on the purchase of F-16 Barak fighter jets for the national Air Force, after an Israeli delegation earlier in the day informed Zagreb that it had not managed to obtain the approval from the United States for the delivery...