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Macedonia 19.08.21 | 16:41

Long lines at the Kumanovo border crossing to enter into Serbia

With the summer season at its end, huge traffic lines are developing again on the Macedonian border crossings, but in the opposite direction – from south to north. Tens of thousands of tourists, mainly Serbians, are leaving the Greek resort towns and drive through Macedonia on their way back home....

Macedonia 21.06.21 | 13:25

Greece will open the Bitola border crossing on July 1st

Greece announced that it will reopen the Bitola border crossing toward Macedonia. The second largest crossing was closed since the start of the pandemic. But now, with the reopening of the border and the summer season in full swing, local Greek authorities announced it will reopen on July 1st. Currently,...

Macedonia 07.08.20 | 17:02

Greece closes the Gevgelija crossing for overnight arrivals

Greece informed that it will close the Gevgelija border crossing with Macedonia for arriving traffic for eight hours each night. The border is already closed for Macedonian citizens, but open for tourists from many other countries. Starting today until August 15, there will be no night shift for arriving...

Macedonia 23.06.20 | 17:48

Macedonia opens borders on Friday, restaurant restrictions are also being lifted

Despite the exceptionally bad coronavirus death and infection rates, the Macedonian Government announced it will open the borders starting on Friday. This will allow passengers to enter the country without having a negative coronavirus test, or without being ordered to a mandatory quarantine or isolation...

Macedonia 17.06.20 | 09:30

Macedonia opens border crossings for transit tourists

The Macedonian Government ordered all border crossings to reopen today, but with serious caveats. Foreign citizens can only enter the country for five hours. This largely is meant to allow tourists from the Balkans and Europe to get to Greece, along the A1 highway, while minimizing their exposure to...

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