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Macedonia 20.10.21 | 12:41

Serbian citizen caught transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba

Gevgelija police detained a 19 year old Serbian citizen who was transporting 14 illegal migrants from Cuba – tow of them underage. The migrants were driven in a Ford Galaxy with Skopje license plates. The smuggler was taking them north, likely to Serbia, on their way toward core EU member states.

Macedonia 14.10.21 | 15:06

Three illegal migrants intercepted near Gevgelija, the smuggler was arrested

Police officers arrested a 42 year old migrant smuggler from Skopje, who was transporting three illegal migrants from Cuba – one of them a minor. The arrest was carried out near Gevgelija, close to the border with Greece. The migrants were taken to the Gevgelija center and the smuggler is being...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:20

Group of six Cuban illegal migrants intercepted near Negotino

A police patrol found six Cuban illegal migrants, who were being transported by two Macedonian citizens from Skopje. The group was travelling in two cars, on the E-75 highway due north near Negotino. The highway is on the main migrant route through the Balkans.

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 14:25

Two Cubans expelled after illegally entering Macedonia

Two Cuban citizens were expelled from Macedonia and banned re-entry for the next five years, after they were caught crossing into from Serbia illegally. The men were detained early on Friday morning and were promptly given the expulsion orders.

Macedonia 01.09.21 | 18:21

Taxi driver arrested while transporting three Cuban migrants

A taxi driver from Skopje was arrested while transporting three illegal migrants from Cuba. The 42 year old man was stopped by Gevgelija police, as he was driving north on the E-75 highway. This corridor is on the main Balkan migrant route that was especially prominent in the 2015-16 crisis.

Macedonia 15.08.21 | 17:26

Seven migrants from Cuba found in Gevgelija

The Gevgelija police found seven migrants from Cuba in a vehicle driven by a man from Veles late on Saturday. The persons were detained in a police station. In coordination with the Public Prosecutor charges will be filed against the driver, and the migrants will be accommodated in the Vinojug –...

Macedonia 16.12.19 | 14:04

Two migrants, from Cuba and Afghanistan, arrested after crossing into Macedonia from Greece

An Afghan and a Cuban illegal migrant were arrested yesterday in two separate incidents on the Macedonian border with Greece. The Afghan man – a 26 year old identified as J.I., was arrested at a hotel in Old Dojran, on the border with Greece. It was determined that he crossed the border illegally. The...

Macedonia 07.11.19 | 10:49

Two Cubans arrested on the Macedonian – Greek border near Bitola

Two Cuban citizens were detained near Bitola yesterday, as they were attempting to cross over from Greece. The men were aged 33 and 44. They were handed by the border guards to the Bitola police. While most migrants along the Balkan route come from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, occasionally...

Macedonia 14.09.19 | 12:39

Three Cubans stopped on their way to Greece

Three illegal migrants from Cuba were apprehended near Bitola yesterday, as they were trying to cross into Greece. The three men, aged 22, 23 and 26, entered Macedonia from Serbia three days ago and were attempting to get to Greece illegally, near the Medzitlija crossing. Illegal migrants usually move...

World 02.02.19 | 11:07

Meteor explodes, shatters windows in western Cuba

A meteor has rocked the skies of western Cuba, exploding mid-air, shattering windows and raining charred meteorite rocks on people’s homes. Before its spectacular demise, the space rock was seen flying above Florida, RT reported. The meteor exploded near the town of Viñales, in the Pinar del Río...

World 28.01.19 | 13:19

Tornado tears through Cuba, killing 3 and injuring 172

A tornado ripped through the Cuban capital late Sunday, killing at least three people and injuring 172, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said. The extent of the damage in Havana was unknown. Cuba’s Granma newspaper published photos of flooded streets and pavements strewn with debris, dpa reported. On social...

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