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Macedonia 29.07.21 | 08:55

Pendarovski did not go to the protest of persons with disabilities because he was not invited

The office of President Stevo Pendarovski did not give a specific response about why he ignored the protest of persons with disabilities that took place last week. Organizers expressed their dismay that no significant politician, other than a member of Parliament from VMRO-DPMNE Brane Petrusevski, came...

Macedonia 23.07.21 | 19:18

City of Skopje denies request from disability activists to set up a protest camp across the Parliament

The Menuvame coalition, which brings together persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, was denied its request to set up protest tents across the street from the Macedonian Parliament. The group was entirely ignored earlier this week when it staged a small protest, and now...

Macedonia 20.07.21 | 20:18

Citizens with disabilities protest in Skopje

Citizens with disabilities protested today in front of the Government and Parliament building, to demand that greater attention is paid to their needs. Some of the protesters named the lack of medicine needed to treat their conditions as the reason for the protest. Only VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 13:41

Persons with disabilities will be allowed out for an extra hour a day

Persons with disabilities will receive an extra hour exemption from the strict curfew that went into effect today. They will be allowed outside between 19h and 20h on workdays and on weekends, when the whole of the country is supposed to be under a total lock-down, persons with disabilities will be allowed...

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