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Balkans 10.08.21 | 19:57

Bulgaria to hold new elections, dispute with Macedonia on a longer vacation

There Is Such a People (TISP) leader Slavi Trifonov said Tuesday in Sofia that his party will not present its draft cabinet to Bulgaria’s Parliament on Wednesday. This decision – unprecedented in Bulgaria’s recent history, came after TISP’s prime minister designate Plamen Nikolov received a cabinet-forming...

Macedonia 18.05.21 | 13:58

Dimitrov expects help from Portugal in the dispute with Bulgaria

Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov said that he expects heightened activity from Portugal in the coming days, as its presidency of the European Council draws to a close, in hopes that it will help get Bulgaria to lift its veto of Macedonia’s accession talks. Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia as...

Macedonia 15.12.20 | 09:20

Borisov calls on Macedonia to be reasonable

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov called on Macedonia to be reasonable in the historic dispute Bulgaria initiated and insisted that his side has already shown reason and moderation. This is the way forward. If we remain stubborn the problems will remain. The solution is in dialogue, solidarity and...

Macedonia 12.11.20 | 17:14

Nikoloski: We won’t resolve the dispute with Bulgaria if we approach it from a position of inferiority

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski blasted the Zaev Government for keeping the extent of the dispute with Bulgaria secret from the opposition. Zaev proudly refuses to appear before the Parliament, as do his top diplomats, even as the Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee schedules hearing...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 22:42

A new Macedonia name dispute, this time with Bulgaria

After Bulgaria raised issues with the ethnicity of a number of Macedonian heroes, chief among them Goce Delcev, then the Macedonian language and nationality, the latest dispute that is being raised is the imposed name “North Macedonia”. Bulgaria warned that “North Macedonia” can...

Macedonia 05.05.20 | 21:15

Zaev: We resolved the dispute over Tsar Samuil with the Bulgarians, we will find a solution for Goce Delcev as well

In an interview with TV 24, the leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, among other things, spoke about the recent situation with Bulgaria and the dispute over the identity of Goce Delcev. Today we have a statement by Borisov that he recognizes the language and it is part of the agreement, with a text in the Agreement...

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