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Macedonia 14.01.22 | 12:58

VMRO calls on the small coalition parties to stop protecting SDSM and DUI

VMRO-DPMNE called on the LDP, DOM and DS parties to stop providing support and cover to SDSM and their criminal Government. The three parties today announced that they will vote for the proposed Dimitar Kovacevski Government, but will withdraw their support in three months unless a key change in the...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 11:20

SDSM’s smaller coalition partners will support the Kovacevski Government, but could bring it down in three months

A group of smaller political parties, currently allied with SDSM, say that they will support the proposed Dimitar Kovacevski Government, but will bring it down in three months unless their key event for changes to the electoral system is met. The parties want the current six electoral districts scrapped,...

Macedonia 13.12.21 | 12:55

More demands from SDSM’s coalition partners: Trajanov wants changes to the electoral model

Pavle Trajanov, the former police official who has made his small DS party a segment of all governments for almost a decade, announced that he will also have political demands from SDSM if he is to continue to support them. Trajanov demands changes to the electoral model and the creation of a single...

Macedonia 08.03.21 | 13:44

Pavle Trajanov’s party rejects the idea of a grand coalition

Pavle Trajanov and his Democratic Alliance (DS) party have rejected the idea to invite VMRO-DPMNE to the SDSM led coalition. Trajanov, who recently left SDSM’s group in Parliament but continued to vote to support Zoran Zaev’s Government, said that Zaev’s proposal to add VMRO to the...

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