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Balkans 27.08.20 | 15:47

Strange concert schedule of Albanian stars fuels a money laundering mafia theory

A quick spreading twitter thread offers an alternative explanation to the unexpected popularity of ethnic Albanian singers. A string of singers with origins in Albania, Kosovo or Maceodnia, some talented others less so, have become international stars in short succession, starting with Rita Ora and Dua...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 13:42

Macedonian “Anonymous” hacker group takes Dua Lipa’s website down after her “Greater Albania” map post

The Macedonian “Anonymous” hacker group informed on Twitter that it took singer Dua Lipa’s official website down in a sign of revolt against her post showing a map of Greater Albania.

Macedonia 22.07.20 | 13:04

Angelov makes the headlines in Serbia: He fought against the Albanians and now he defends Dua Lipa over “Greater Albania” flag

Dostoinstvo leader Stojance Angelov made the headlines in Serbia following his comment on Dua Lipa’s nationalist post. The fact that the English singer Dua Lipa tweeted a map of Greater Albania does not change the fact that she is currently one of the best singers in the world, he said. As “Alo.rs”...

Balkans 20.07.20 | 21:22

Dua Lipa’s nationalist post inflamed the internet

Kosovo born star Dua Lipa continues to rile the internet a day after her message that showed the map of Greater Albania, incorporating parts of Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro. The map, widely used by Albanian nationalists, was accompanied by the word Autochtonous, meant to declare that the...

Macedonia 20.07.20 | 10:40

Dua Lipa promotes Greater Albania

After posting on Instagram a few days ago that Kosovo is not, and will never be, Serbia, the Albanian singer originally from Pristina, Dua Lipa, published a map of Greater Albania on several platforms. au•toch•tho•nous adjective (of an inhabitant of a place) indigenous rather than descended from...

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