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Macedonia 02.11.21 | 13:31

Twelve dump sites in Butel will be cleaned up in a week

Darko Kostovski, the newly elected Mayor of Butel, said that his team has identified 12 dump sites across the municipality which will be cleaned up in less than a week. Unregulated dumping of garbage and waste is a rampant problem in parts of Skopje and across Macedonia, and cleaning these sites up was...

Macedonia 12.10.21 | 18:19

Toxic waste containing mercury, asbestos and pesticides was burnt at the main dump site near Skopje

Environmental inspectors today confirmed that the Drisla waste dump – the largest dump site in Macedonia – was burning dangerous waste it was not authorized to burn. According to Sreten Stojkovski, acting head of the environmental inspection unit, the dump site accepted pesticides, acids,...

Macedonia 01.10.21 | 17:08

Tetovo covered in smoke from a burning dump site

The city of Tetovo was covered in dark smoke this afternoon, after a major fire in an unregulated dump site east of the city. Tires and other plastic waste is among the garbage that caught fire. Firefighters worked for an hour and half to put out the fire.

Macedonia 27.07.21 | 23:00

Dump site fires reported in Veles and near Skopje

The August heatwave caused fires to break out across the country today, including in the main city dump in Veles. Faced with the acrid black smoke that was affecting breathing in near-by settlements, workers had to cover up the burning waste with dirt. And in Skopje, in the western villages of Novo Selo...

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 09:12

Mourners at the Christian graveyard in Tetovo are “welcomed” by piles of garbage and packs of wild dogs

Tetovo is a notoriously dirty city but the scenes seen in the midst of the summer heatwave these past days are horrific even for those used to the city. In one instance, local citizens and businesses have begun throwing garbage at a site near the city’s Christian graveyards, and the place is now...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 12:47

Debar city dump fire was started deliberately

The city dump site in Debar has been on fire since Friday evening, local citizens are reporting, and the municipal firefighting teams have not been able to put it out. It was set on fire by somebody. If it happened during the day it could’ve been the heat, but it happened in the evening. And it’s...

Macedonia 11.05.20 | 15:19

Security officers attacked when trying to prevent men from throwing garbage at the old Vardariste dump site

Two city of Skopje employees were attacked near the old Skopje dump site of Vardariste, when they tried to prevent a group of people from unlawfully disposing of trash. The Vardariste site, that was replaced with the much better prepared Drisla dumping site, was brought back into use with the start of...

Macedonia 05.05.20 | 13:25

Months after it was reported, the Volkovo dump keeps growing

Summer is drawing near but city authorities still haven’t cleared up the growing dump near Volkovo, close to the Skopje ring-road. The pile of trash keeps growing, with truckloads being dumped without any penalties. As the temperatures rise, the site can turn into a serious health hazard. The site...

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