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Macedonia 21.09.21 | 13:57

Documents published by DW shift blame for the deadly Tetovo fire on the local municipal authorities

The Macedonian edition of Deutsche Welle published documents from the contracts signed to build and oversee the work of the 19 improvised Covid hospitals. ACcording to the documents, prepared in October 2020, the responsibility for overseeing the construction falls on the local municipal authorities...

World 20.03.21 | 14:53

V4: Deutsche Welle apologises for defamatory report

German public service broadcaster Deutsche Welle has recently aired a report on renovation projects in Budapest’s Castle District. However, it soon turned out that the report was manipulated and DW was forced to apologize, the V4 news agency reported. In its report, Deutsche Welle covered the Hungarian...

Macedonia 18.01.21 | 20:38

We will not negotiate on matters of national identity and history with Bulgaria, Mickoski tells DW

The Macedonian national identity, language and history can’t be open for negotiations with Bulgaria, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with the Macedonian office of Deutsche Welle. Mickoski spoke to the news outlet before his planned visits to Budapest, Ljubljana and...

Macedonia 12.04.20 | 11:09

Deutsche Welle runs an angry, divisive article about the coronavirus aid sent to Macedonia

An editorial from the Macedonian office of Deutsche Welle left readers scratching their heads whether the account has been hacked. The angry editorial signed by Ljupco Popovski, that was also shared via the DW Twitter account, politicized the medical assistance that Macedonia received over the past 10...

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