Tag: election irregularities
Macedonia 31.10.21 | 14:38

Election massacre in Ajducka Cesma also in the run-off: The security of an official goes around polling stations and intimidates

As in the first round, election irregularities were noticed in the Kumanovo settlement of Ajducka Cesma. The presence of a member of the personal security of a senior official, who goes around polling stations, intimidates and exerts pressure, has been noticed. He was filmed in front of the polling station...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 15:43

Election massacre in Kumanovo – even the personal security of a minister brings “order” and checks lists

The election headquarters of one of the candidates for mayors of Kumanovo accuses that today on the election day in Kumanovo numerous irregularities were noticed during the election process. According to these accusations, a high government institution and other state institutions at the local level...

Macedonia 16.10.21 | 14:45

Elections irregularities registered in Ajducka Cesma, Kumanovo

Is this an attempt at election manipulation that should result in electoral fraud in Kumanovo? At the moment, the election process is being violated on the field. Election irregularities were registered in the settlement of Ajducka Cesma in Kumanovo. In the polling stations located opposite the headquarters...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 15:16

One person detained, several cases of election irregularities reported

One case of public peace disturbance has been registered in Skopje since polling stations opened, when a 47-year-old man, who has since been detained, started fighting with election board representatives and started taking pictures of the room, Interior Ministry spokesperson Toni Angelovski said on Wednesday. He...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 13:08

A mayor caught agitating in a Roma neighborhood in a municipality in the 3rd electoral district

A mayor of a municipality in the 3rd electoral district is actively agitating in the Roma neighborhood in the city. He goes from house to house and breaks the election silence. The photos available to “Repubika”, which are proof that the mayor is active on the ground today, will be published...

Macedonia 04.04.20 | 21:27

Humanitarian aid or voter bribery: Flour, potatoes and toilet paper for Roma people in Strumica?!

Potatoes, flour, cakes, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent… Humanitarian aid is being distributed to Roma people in Strumica, and accidentally or not, the photos obtained by Republika were taken near the Zaev family’s home. Entire Roma families at risk of infection, moving without any protection...

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