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Macedonia 11.03.22 | 13:19

Bulgaria will help Macedonia in implementing EU green legislation

Macedonia and Bulgaria agreed to increase cooperation in green policies and the environment, during a meeting hosted by the Bulgarian Environment Ministry in Sofia. Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for the environment Borislav Sandov led the delegation that met with Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister for...

Macedonia 30.11.20 | 17:17

Prendzov: With the 2021 budget, the government envisages only 0.4% for environment protection

MP Ljupco Prendzov at Monday’s session of the Committee on Finance and Budget said that the Government in the 2021 proposed budget has envisaged only 0.4 percent for protection of the environment and nature. He added that it is a great defeat for the Macedonian society, that in every 1000 denars...

Macedonia 30.01.20 | 16:46

Government rejects request from eco groups to end the import of garbage that is used as industrial fuel

Deputy Environment Minister Jani Makraduli rejected the request from environmental groups that Macedonia complete bans the import of waste which is used as fuel. The proposal comes after several major scares that factories in Skopje and the Drisla dump site are burning imported garbage using it as fuel,...

Balkans 05.06.19 | 13:37

UN report: The Balkans has the most polluted air in all of Europe

The United Nations have warned that people in the Balkans breathe the most polluted air in Europe. Concentrations of polluting materials such as PM2.5 and PM10 particles in the air in the Balkans are five times above maximum allowed levels. This, the UN environmental organization reports, affects health...

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