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Economy 03.03.21 | 21:15

Mucunski: While the government deals with Byzantine games, Macedonia’s debt grows for another 700 million euros

VMRO-DPMNE MP, Timco Mucunski told Sitel TV said that today for five hours in the Parliament, Prime Minister Zaev dealt with Byzantine games instead of the problems of the citizens. Today in the Parliament we witnessed four five-hour Byzantine games at which in the end Prime Minister Zaev proved that...

Economy 03.03.21 | 20:32

Macedonia issues the eighth Eurobond worth 700 million euros

Republic of Macedonia issued Wednesday the eighth Eurobond worth EUR 700 million with a maturity period of seven years and the lowest interest rate on record, 1.625 percent. The Eurobond will be used to refinance the third Eurobond, issued in 2014, worth EUR 500 million. The net-withdrawal by way of...

Economy 27.05.20 | 22:23

Macedonia issues EUR 700 million Eurobond at 3.675 % interest rate

Macedonia issued its seventh Eurobond in the amount of EUR 700 million. The Eurobond maturity term is six years, whereas its interest rate is 3.675%, which is the second lowest interest rate right after the Eurobond issued in 2018. According to the Ministry of Finance, this shows investors’ trust in...

Economy 27.12.19 | 23:15

Mickoski warns: The government is preparing a Greek debt scenario for January-February

Instead of investing in capital investments, Zaev redirects money into unproductive costs and borrows money, and says he will raise pensions and salaries, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in Friday’s interview with MRTV. Okay, great, we’re for that. Luckily for him and for Macedonia...

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