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Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:54

Fines for welfare workers, religious institutions, if they don’t fight domestic violence

The Labour and Welfare Ministry plans to introduce fines for heads of its welfare centers if they ignore reports from women who suffer abuse. Managers, but also prosecutors and even ministers can be fined between 100 and 500 EUR if they don’t act in accordance with the new law on prevention of...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 11:34

Police continues with mass issuing of fines to motorists around Skopje

Over 200 citizens of Dracevo, east of Skopje, were fined on Friday for traffic violations. The massive campaign of fining motorists comes after a child and a man were tragically killed by a drunk driver in a near-by part of the city. Those fined included drivers without licenses, those driving unregistered...

Macedonia 09.10.20 | 11:05

With strict new mandate set to go into effect, police fines over 600 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers fined 608 citizens over the past 24 hours for not wearing masks. The mask mandate is about to become much stricter, with the Government expected to make their wearing mandatory even in open spaces by yourself. Until now, masks were mandatory in closed public spaces such as banks and supermarkets...

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 10:28

Police fines 785 citizens for not wearing masks

Police officers issued 785 fines to citizens who were not wearing masks over the past 24 hours. Wearing masks is mandatory closed public spaces such as supermarkets and banks, and also in open spaces with little room for social distancing.

Macedonia 27.04.20 | 10:00

Fines for not wearing or improperly wearing face masks to be imposed

The Health Ministry and the Committee for Infectious Diseases are set to propose to the government on Monday that sanctions for failing to abide by the mandatory protective equipment measure are imposed earlier than planned, i.e. as of Tuesday, as citizens have been slow to implement this measure, Health...

Macedonia 26.04.20 | 19:10

Minister Filipce says way too many citizens refuse to wear masks, wants fines to be issued immediately

The Healthcare Ministry will ask the Government to issue a decree tomorrow to begin fining citizens who don’t wear masks immediately. During his press conference today, Minister Venko Filipce said that he observed that many citizens fail to wear masks, as they were told, starting this week. I want...

Macedonia 05.06.19 | 15:49

Healthcare inspectors want to fine 1.100 families who refuse vaccination for their children

The state healthcare inspection office intends to fine and begin criminal cases against 1.100 parents who have submitted written declarations that they will not allow their children to be vaccinated. About half of the families are in Skopje, with Strumica having the greatest share by population –...

Macedonia 27.02.19 | 13:16

Lumi Bekiri: MoI, I have a video that shows Shekerinska throwing paint, will the punishment reach her like the others and why not?

Activist Lumi Bekiri joined the series of comments that followed after Mirjana Najchevska received a 200 euro fine. Hello, Ministry of Interior. I have a video that clearly shows Radmila Sekerinska throwing paint on state institutions and which I can deliver to you. Will the punishment reach her like...

Macedonia 27.02.19 | 13:02

Zaev throws paint, Shekerinska throws paint, Shilegov throws paint, Spasovski throws paint .. Can you explain why there are no charges against them?

After Mirjana Najcevska received a fine of 200 euros for throwing paint, a discussion broke out on social why Zev, Shekerinska, Shilegov and Oliver Spasovski haven’t been fined too. Ivor Mickoski wrote on Facebook: Najcevska has been fined with 200 euros for throwing paint. To say that you...

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