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Macedonia 20.12.20 | 10:08

Motorists warned about dense fog

Motorists are warned to drive carefully this morning, as fog has descended on some of the main motorways across Macedonia. Visibility is down to 100 meters at the Debar – Struga road, and it’s even worse at the Kicevo – Preseka section of the Kicevo – Ohrid road, between Tetovo...

Life 12.11.20 | 09:26

Macedonia wakes up to dense fog, temperatures to range between 11C and 19C

Thursday starts with fog and some clouds in the valleys and along the Povardarie region, but skies are expected to clear as mostly sunny weather moves in for the afternoon. Expect gentle south wind. Lows will range from -2C to 5C, and highs between 11C and 19C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures...

Macedonia 19.12.19 | 10:58

Kicevo covered in smoke and fog that reduced visiblity to zero

Smoke and fog levels in Kicevo were such last evening that visibility was set at zero. Many of the locals posted pictures of the city, or rather the impenetrable smog where the city is supposed to be. PM10 particles concentrations were at 475 micrograms per cubic meter making it the most polluted city...

Macedonia 16.12.19 | 09:59

Skopje airport closed for landings due to heavy fog

Due to the dense fog, Skopje airport is closed for arriving planes, and only four plane took off this morning. Visibility is reduced to between 50 and 100 meters around the airport, and in some other key traffic points such as the Gavato overpass and along the Vardar river valley.

Life 23.12.18 | 09:47

Fog reduces visibility near Tetovo and Stip

Morning fog reduces visibility from 50 to 100 meters in Tetovo and Stip. Good driving conditions are reported throughout the country on mainly wet roads. No delays are reported on other border crossings, except for the necessary period for customs formalities. There is a moderate intensity of traffic...

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