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Macedonia 13.05.22 | 09:25

Storm expected on Saturday

Forecasters are warning about a possible storm on Saturday, that will interrupt the otherwise warm and sunny spring weather. According to the forecast, we can expect strong rains, wind and possibly hail on Saturday. Temperatures today will range between 24 and 32 at the height ofthe day.

Macedonia 06.04.22 | 12:43

Thursday: Last storm before a period of warm, sunny weather

The weather forecast for tomorrow warns of strong rains and wind. It’s expected to be the last storm of early spring, before a longer period of warm and sunny weather begins. Mountainous areas will even see some snow tomorrow. The gusts of wind will be coming from the north and temperatures will...

Macedonia 20.03.22 | 11:42

Forecasters expect a warm and sunny week

Weather forecasters predict that the coming week will be warm and sunny, and mark the end of winter. At the start of the week, temperature highs will range between 4 and 11 degrees. At the middle of the week temperatures will begin to rise and daily highs will reach up to 20 degrees.  

Macedonia 27.01.22 | 13:41

Snow expected over the next two days

Weather forecasters are predicting snow on Friday afternoon and Saturday, mostly in the western and the northern parts of Macedonia. A northern wind will also cause a drop in temperatures on Saturday. Then, next week, we can expect another round of snow starting on Tuesday.  

Macedonia 08.01.22 | 11:08

Rainy and cold weather expected over the coming days

Forecasters are predicting a period of wet and cold weather, with temperatures ranging from between 2 and 5 degrees in the mornings and the evenings, to daily highs between 5 and 10 degrees. Lower areas can expect rain, while snow is falling or expected to fall in the mountains. Rains and the wind will...

Macedonia 25.08.21 | 09:36

Rain expected over the next two days

Forecasters predict rain today and tomorrow. Temperatures acros macedonia will drop by a few degrees, to maximum highs between 27 and 36 degrees. The lows will reach between 12 and 20 degrees. At times, the rain will be accompanied by thunder. Starting on Friday, the weather should stabilize.

Macedonia 21.06.21 | 17:51

Forecasters warn of strong rains and flash flood risks

Flash floods are possible across the country this afternoon, as a storm is forecast. The UHRM forecast service warns that the main at-risk areas are the mountainous sites on Shara Mountain, Skopska Crna Gora north of Skopje, the Osogovo Mountains, Solunska Glava on Jakupica and Nidze and Baba near Bitola....

Macedonia 07.04.21 | 10:17

Another cold wave hits Macedonia

Macedonia is experiencing a new cold wave, with light snow registered in the capital Skopje and heavier snow in the mountains. Temperatures have dropped noticeably and today the highs will range between 5 and 15 degrees. Skopje will see a high of barely 7 degrees. Starting Thursday, forecasters expect...

Macedonia 26.03.21 | 10:45

Warmer weather expected in the coming days

After the bout of winter in mid March, forecasters expect that the coming days will bring significantly warmer weather. From the projected low of -6 degrees on Saturday morning, by Tuesday the lowest temperatures are forecast at 0 degrees. The projected highs of 10 to 17 degrees on Saturday will reach...

Macedonia 14.03.21 | 11:11

Cold and rainy week ahead

Forecasters expect a notably colder week to come, with Sunday as the last relatively warm and sunny day. Temperatures today will reach up to 20 degrees, but starting Monday, we can expect a strong northern wind that will knock temperatures down by between 7 and 9 degrees. Mountainous areas will see some...

Macedonia 16.01.21 | 09:56

Cold and cloudy weather expected during the weekend

Forecasters expect largely cloudy weather over the weekened, with a moderate northern wind. Days will be cold, with highs today expected at only 0 degrees, and the lows going down to minus 10 in Krusevo and minus 8 in Bitola. Popova Sapka has 32 centimeters of snow, and Bitola has 23 centimeters. Ohrid...

Macedonia Economy 05.01.21 | 23:02

World Bank sees Macedonia growing by 3.6 percent in 2020

The World Bank released its latest forecast, which sees Macedonia growing by just 3.6 percent in 2021 and 3.5 percent in 2020. It’s a middling forecast compared to the rest of the region. Montenegro is predicted to grow by 6.1 percent and Albania and Croatia by 5.4 and 5.1 percent respectively....

Macedonia 29.12.20 | 09:52

Warm and dry weather expected until the end of the year

Forcasters are predicting relatively warm days in the run up to New Year, with temperatures reaching between 9 and 16 degrees. The mornings will remain foggy, and the days with a mix of sun and clouds. Some rains are expected on Thursday, with possible snow in the west of the country, but overall forecasters...

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 15:12

New heatwave about to begin

For the next few days, until Tuesday, forecasters expect a strong heatwave over Macedonia. Daily highs will range between 30 and 37 degrees and the peak of the heatwave will be reached at the start of next week when we can expect up to 39 degrees. Starting Tuesday, forecasts expect a drop in temperatures.

Macedonia 18.08.20 | 09:36

Storm expected this afternoon

Forecasters expect heavy summer storms this afternoon, with strong rains and thunder. The stormy weather can stretch into Wednesday and bring colder temperatures for the remainder of the week. Daily highs today are expected to reach 32 degrees.

Macedonia 01.08.20 | 10:39

Cooler weather at the start of the Ilinden weekend

After a lengthy heat-wave, Macedonia experienced a strong rainstorm yesterday evening, and a somewhat cooler and cloudy start to the Ilinden weekend. Temperatures today are a few degrees lower than the past days and the highs will range between 30 and 38. A moderate to strong wind from the north is also...

Macedonia 03.07.20 | 09:49

Torrential rains expected until mid next week

Hot sunny weather and downpours in the afternoons are forecast for Friday, but also for the days leading up to mid next week. Daily highs will reach up to 35 degrees, and will be followed by torrential rains. Saturday and Sunday are forecast to have the most rain, and temperatures will be somewhat lower...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 09:42

Summer begins – temperatures of up to 32 degrees and afternoon rainstorms expected

Temperatures in Macedonia are expected to reach 32 degrees, as the summer begins in earnest. The range of high daily temperatures will be between 24 and 32. Also, typically for summer, in the afternoon today and in the coming days we can expect brief but rains, accompanied by winds and thunder.

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 15:48

Rain and even snow expected starting tomorrow

The weather across Macedonia is about to take a turn for the worse starting Monday evening. Rains and strong winds are expected, and temperatures will drop noticeably. On Wednesday, forecasters even expect snow in the mountains.

Macedonia 04.02.20 | 20:49

Storm, strong winds reported across Macedonia

A storm with high winds and likely rain and snow is currently hitting Macedonia, after moving to the south across the Balkans. Citizens are warned to remain indoors, and avoid parking beneath trees. Forecasters expect a sharp drop in temperatures over the next few days.

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