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Macedonia 15.05.21 | 21:35

After a badly botched urban renewal project, municipal authorities in a part of Skopje began converting fountains into flower beds

After an embarrassing issue in Skopje’s Aerodrom district, where the local authorities spent three quarters of a million euros for a fountain which is now a public safety risk, the authorities decided to play it safe. Mayor Zlatko Marin ordered several fountains across the urban district to be...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 16:18

Illegal construction at the site of the recent cafe fire in Skopje

A few months after the Fountain cafe in Skopje’s central Mavrovka mall was set on fire, there are signs of intense construction on the ruins. The cafe was targetted with an RPG last year, and was burnt down in an intense fire that blasted windows across the mall. Now, the area is enclosed and there...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 17:50

Culev: The curfew needs to be made shorter, still too early to tell what’s behind the Mavrovka blaze

Interior Minister Nake Culev said that it is in the interest of public health not to have too lengthy curfews imposed on the citizens. Their physical healthcare requires that the curfew is made shorter, Culev said, pointing to the issues coming from lack of movement and being locked into the house for...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 22:43

Lider: Skopje fountains are left unused because much of the pumps and pipes were stolen

Skopje citizens complaining about the city fountains left turned off and often filled with trashed received a shocking answer today. The reason why the fountains are left dry is that much of the mechanisms and the lights were stolen during the winter, reports Lider.mk. According to the news site, city...

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