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Macedonia 25.03.21 | 10:45

Raid against a drug gang in Skopje

Police officers have raided the village of Grcec and the area of Gazi Baba in Skopje, in a move against a faction of the Albanian drug mafia. So far over 20 people were arrested, the Interior Ministry informed. The operation is on-going.

Macedonia 07.01.21 | 18:12

Two men injured in a mafia style incident in Skopje

Two men were injured in an incident in Skopje’s Gazi Baba district yesterday evening. The incident happened before 20h, and details are still scarce. A 33 year old man from Singelic was stabbed, and a 31 year old man from Aracinovo was shot during the incident. Police secured two vehicles that were...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 20:41

Skopje: Man shot at person he suspected of torching his two cars

A man from Skopje’s Gazi Baba district fired a bullet at a man who set fire on his two vehicles overnight. The incident happened at 4 in the morning when a family realized that their two cars, a Volkswagen Python and a Volkswagen Touareg are on fire. The father of the family, 54 year old S.F.,...

Macedonia 10.07.20 | 09:39

Mickoski: We won the first battle, next is the second one and VMRO-DPMNE is the winner

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told citizens in Skopje’s Gazi Baba municipality on Wednesday that it was no longer a question of who’d win on July 15 but how great the victory would be. We took careful steps and it was neither simple nor easy. There was also criticism, but this only makes one...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 12:13

Gazi Baba Mayor says the new coronavirus cases are caused by the iftar dinners

The spike in newly diagnosed coronavirus cases in Skopje’s Gazi Baba district is due to the iftar dinners held every evening throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. The comments come after Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce also condemned the lack of respect for the coronavirus rules during the...

Macedonia 15.04.20 | 17:06

Mickoski expresses his support to Interior Minister Culev for his handling of the mass curfew violation in Skopje

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski expressed support to Interior Minister Nake Culev for his handling of the near riot in Skopje’s Cento district on Monday evening.\ Activists of the ethnic Albanian wing of the ruling SDSM party were detained there for violating the curfew, which prompted...

Macedonia 14.04.20 | 12:23

Mayor Georgievski defends his actions during the near riot in Cento

Following the near riot in one of Skopje’s north-eastern districts yesterday evening, local Mayor Boris Georgievski said that he went to the Cento area to calm down the protesters. He glossed over the fact that the protesters were activists of his own SDSM party, and that they were released from...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 15:19

VMRO blames the Zaev regime for the beating of former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski

The attack on former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski is an attempt by the Government to assault its political opponents, said VMRO-DPMNE official Orce Georgievski. Trajkovski, who is being persecuted by the Zaev regime and is a target in an SPO criminal case, was badly beaten up on Sunday evening. The...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 11:05

Persecuted former Mayor Toni Trajkovski sustained head injuries after being attacked by a group of thugs

Republika has obtained photographs showing the injuries sustained by former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski, following the attack against him last evening. Trajkovski was out on a walk with former Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski, both from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, when they were confronted by several...

Macedonia 28.11.19 | 10:29

Police commander was pressuring a female officer to have sex with him

Saso Velkovski, commander of the Gazi Baba police district in Skopje, was pressuring a female officer to have sex with him, the Infomax news site reports. The female officer refused an approach from her commander in his office, and he angrily sent her off home, reminding her that he is a powerful man....

Macedonia 09.11.19 | 11:11

Extremely dangerous air pollution levels measured in Gazi Baba

While the south-eastern suburbs of Skopje were panicked following the spill of a toxic chemical from the OHIS factory, in Gazi Baba, to the north, air pollution broke new records. Police, the army, environmental inspectors sent to the OHIS chemical plant after a toxic spill The stations that measure...

Macedonia 17.06.19 | 13:25

Man injured in a stray dog attack in Gazi Baba

A 65 year old man from the northern Gazi Baba district of Skopje was injured after a street dog attack on Sunday evening. The man was riding a bicycle when the dog charged at him and bit him. During the fall, he also injured his left arm. Skopje has a chronic problem with stray dogs and recently captures...

Macedonia 17.04.19 | 23:46

Gazi Baba parents bribed

The State Election Commission will initiate misdemeanor procedures against the mayors of the Municipality of Gazi Baba and the Municipality of Stip for violation of the Electoral Code and the Law on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest. At today’s session of the Commission partially...