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Macedonia 06.08.20 | 19:42

Girl (14) was blackmailed and raped by a 25 year old man

Prosecutors have charged a 25 yera old man from the village of Debreste near Prilep, who blackmailed a 14 year old girl and sexually assaulted her several times. The man got into a social media communication with the girl, and then threatened to publish a picture she sent him unless she agrees to have...

Macedonia 18.05.20 | 11:36

Girl (14) died of flu like symptoms in Struga, coronavirus test came back negative

A 14 year old girl from the village of Labuniste died yesterday after being brought to the hospital in Struga with labored breathing and fever. Doctors ordered her moved to Skopje for treatment, but the girl died en route. After her death, she was tested for the coronavirus, and the result came back...

Macedonia 18.05.20 | 11:28

Girl who wandered out of her home in Skopje reunited with her family

A girl aged between 3 and 4 that was found wandering alone around Skopje’s Bit Pazar area, was reunited with the family. Police was alarmed after passers-by found the girl all by herself, and a social media alert was sent out to help identify her. Shortly after the police located the family. The...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 15:33

Perpetrators of the attack on a young woman in Stip sentenced to 2,6 years in prison

Two men from Stip were sentenced to 2,6 years in prison each, after assaulting a young woman from Stip. The attack occurred several months ago. The woman was dating one of the men, who filmed the assault, and was later threatened not to speak about it. Only when the video went public, and sparked an...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 15:21

Two men from Stip who attacked a girl ordered into a month long detention

A judge ordered two men from Stip, who assaulted a young girl several months ago and video recorded her ordeal, to 30 days in detention. They were already given a week long detention following their arrest, that was sparked by the public outrage once the tape was shared throughout the social media. The...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 13:32

An eleven year old girl was subjected to repeated rapes by a cousin, TV21 reports

An eleven year old girl was sexually abused by a close relative, TV21 reports. The girl was subjected to repeated rapes by her 19 year old cousin, that lasted over a year. The traumatized girl was examined at the Skopje clinic, where the assaults were confirmed. According to the TV station, the mother...

Macedonia 03.04.20 | 17:12

Judge orders the two men from Stip who attacked a girl to be detained for eight days

A Stip judge ordered an eight days long detention for the two men who attacked a young girl two months ago. The attack that was filmed shocked the public with its brutality after the video appeared online earlier this week. One of the attackers was a former boyfriend of the girl, who later said that...

Macedonia 02.04.20 | 23:47

Girl from the brutal attack video says she was threatened to keep quiet

The girl from the brutal video that was revealed yesterday said that she did not report the attack against her because she was threatened. The video, shot in Stip several months ago, shows her former boyfriend and another man, brutally beating her up. The two men were arrested this morning, following...

Macedonia 09.03.20 | 10:31

Ten year old girl that went missing in a village near Veles found drowned

The search party for the missing 10 year old girl Eshurime Bekirova from the village of Banjica near Veles found the girl drowned in the Mala Reka river. The girl has been missing since Sunday morning. Locals and firefighters from Veles were looking for her around the village. She was found in the swollen...

Macedonia 04.02.20 | 18:22

Mother from Lipkovo reports that a relative was sexually abusing her underage daughter over the past year

The mother of a minor girl from the village of Lipkovo near Kumanovo reported to the police that a relative was sexually abusing the child over the past year. According to the report, the attacks began early 2019 and lasted until recently. The police informed that they are investigating the charges.

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 18:43

Girl, 15, found with a gunshot wound to the head in Skopje

A fifteen year old girl from Skopje was taken to the Mother Teresa clinic yesterday with a gunshot wound to the head, the police confirmed today. The girl was found by her 18 year old brother, who said that their father’s gun was next to the girl. The police is still investigating the cause of...

Macedonia 17.09.19 | 12:48

Girl from Stip was forced into a life of prostitution by her family

Star TV from Stip reports that a 14 year old girl was recently removed from her mother after she was forced to a life of prostitution, starting when she was just 11. According to the report, the family owed money to local loan sharks and had the little girl sold to a pimp in Sweden for 5.000 EUR. Months...

Macedonia 06.08.19 | 16:58

Body of a girl found dumped north of Skopje

A young girl was found dead, thrown in a dumping site north of Skopje. The body was found in a garbage bag on Monday afternoon. It was thrown at a site in the Shuto Orizari municipality, which is used to throw out animal carcasses. The police are still not disclosing the identity of the girl.

Macedonia 09.06.19 | 15:44

Girl injured in a hit and run incident in Skopje

A 14 year old girl sustained serious injuries after a hit and run incident in Skopje on Friday evening. The accident happened at 18:20, on the main Partizanska boulevard. The driver fled the scene after he hit the girl and is still being searched after. The girl was taken to the Mother Teresa clinic...

Macedonia 04.03.19 | 17:21

Boys blackmail 13 year old girl, threaten to share her photos online

Two 16 year old boys from Kavadarci face charges after they obtained compromising photographs from a 13 year old girl, which they then blackmailed. The girl was being blackmailed between August 2018 and February 2019. During this time, she was forced to pay them on several occasions to stop them from...

Macedonia 28.02.19 | 14:39

Girl, 12, dies of flu

A 12 year old girl has died from flu this morning, doctor Vladimir Mikic reported. The girl had suffered from cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, and was unable to fight off the flu. She is the fourth victim of the seasonal flu epidemic. Last week a 86 year old man with no pre-existing conditions...