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Macedonia 31.03.21 | 20:51

Police reveals the names of the drug gang leaders who were tipped off before last week’s raids and fled

The Interior Ministry today published the names of six suspected drug runners who fled before the major raids carried out in and around Skopje last week. Meanwhile, it’s being reported that police officers are being questioned in search to find the leak of the information. The police raided locations...

Macedonia 31.03.21 | 14:30

We are statisticians, not policemen: Simovski doesn’t know if anyone of the Grcec drug gang was a registered census worker

We are statisticians not policemen, to have knowledge if any of the registered census workers are involved in crime, SSO chief Apostol Simovski told Plusinfo, after yesterday the spokesperson of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski pointed out that one of the census workers in Saraj was arrested...

Macedonia 30.03.21 | 22:33

One of the suspects arrested in last week’s major drug raids was a registered census worker

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski revealed that one of the suspected drug runners arrested last week in a series of raids in and aroud Skopje was a registered census worker. This is a major scandal and the head of the State Statistics Bureau Apostol Simovski needs to resign over this. Was there no...

Macedonia 29.03.21 | 10:04

Zaev and Spasovski to say what agreements were discussed with the drug bosses from Grcec and Aracinovo

Three days after photos of Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s brother, Vice Zaev, sitting on the table with the drug bosses from Grcec and Aracinovo appeared in public, the government is silent, and the opposition is seeking answers. Three days of silence by Spasovski...

Macedonia 28.03.21 | 20:57

President Pendarovski claims he doesn’t know the head of the Grcec drug gang – says he just took a picture with him for election purposes

President Stevo Pendarovski insisted that he has no actual relationship with drug runners from the village of Grcec near Skopje, after pictures of him with the gang leaders surfaced. Members of the gang were arrested in a large scale operation earlier this week, but the bosses fled – apparently...

Macedonia 25.03.21 | 13:05

Large drug raid in Skopje nets 21 suspects from the Albanian mafia

The police detained 21 suspects in the large raid against an Albanian drug gang in the village of Grcec, near Skopje, and several other locations in the capital. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska said that the group was followed for a year, but that an investigation of its finances was not conducted, because...

Macedonia 25.03.21 | 10:45

Raid against a drug gang in Skopje

Police officers have raided the village of Grcec and the area of Gazi Baba in Skopje, in a move against a faction of the Albanian drug mafia. So far over 20 people were arrested, the Interior Ministry informed. The operation is on-going.

Macedonia 07.12.19 | 20:22

Major police raid in Skopje, a dozen suspected members of an Albanian drug gang were arrested

A large police raid was carried out today in three dozen locations across Skopje, mainly in ethnic Albanian districts such as Aracinovo, Grcec, Cair, Butel, but also in downtown areas. The police informed that it has seized guns, rifles, bullet proof vests, ammunition, vehicles, as well as drugs. A dozen...