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Macedonia 05.07.22 | 20:48

GRECO’s report on Macedonia published in English, French and MK with an asterisk

The Group of States Against Corruption of the Council of Europe (GRECO) published the second report on the evaluations of the measures taken by the Macedonian authorities in English, in French and in MK with an asterisk. In the explanation of the star, it is written that it is an unofficial translation,...

Macedonia 29.04.21 | 09:14

As long as there is no investigation that the money from the racket ended up with Zaev, we will have negative reports on crime and corruption

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said in Thursday’s press release that Zaev’s government has experienced a total debacle in the fight against corruption. The GRECO report is an indication that we are not moving from a standstill, on the contrary we are still sinking. Of the 23 recommendations...

Macedonia 27.04.21 | 13:25

According to GRECO, Nikolovski’s function in the fight against corruption is unacceptable

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) published on Tuesday the Fifth Evaluation Round Compliance Report for Macedonia. It concluded that Macedonia has satisfactorily implemented four of the 23 recommendations contained in the Fifth Round Evaluation Report, while of the remaining recommendations,...

Macedonia 03.06.20 | 16:03

GRECO demands that Macedonia shows results in the fight against corruption

The GRECO anti-corruption group said that it expects results and reforms in Macedonia in the fight against corruption. According to the Council of Europe body, the activities have stalled with the approach of the elections and need to be resumed. I reiterate once again – this is not for the MPs, this...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 17:22

GRECO President says Macedonia must free its police from political influence

In an interview with the Macedonian Information Agency, Marin Mrcela, the head of the GRECO anti-corruption group in the Council of Europe repeated the serious criticism the organization raised over Macedonia. Mrcela warns that there is no way of telling where the ruling party ends and where the police...

Macedonia 26.06.19 | 10:30

GRECO publishes report very critical of corruption in Macedonia

The GRECO Group of States Against Corruption in the Council of Europe published its latest evaluation of Macedonia, which concluded that the criminal justice system has not succeeded in fighting corruption. The Special Prosecutor’s Office has not gone after systemic high profile cases or politically...

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