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Economy 21.06.22 | 12:55

GTC business owners to stage protest in front of government building on Wednesday

The Association of Business Owners in GTC 1973 will stage Wednesday a protest in front of the government building demanding immediate solution of the numerous problems in the City Shopping Center in Skopje and application of the legislation. The owners of the shops in GTC have been alerting about the...

Macedonia 26.12.21 | 21:31

Shop owners in the GTC mall say their electricity bills have almost halved after the illegal Bitcoin mining operation was stopped

Shop owners in the GTC shopping mall in Skopje say that their electricity bills have dropped significantly after the aborted police raid in mid November. Led by the press, officers raided a basement office in GTC and found Bitcoin mining rigs apparently hooked to the common electricity supply. The offices...

Macedonia 22.11.21 | 16:51

Construction of a huge residential and business complex begins in downtown Skopje

MG Fashion, a company owned by businessman Zoran Antic, began clearing up the ground for the first of the large three towers it intends to build close to the GTC shopping mall in downtown Skopje. The controversial Grand Complex was met with strong criticism from the public, which is concerned about its...

Macedonia 19.11.21 | 18:45

Milososki: The director of GTC is lying, EVN brings electricity to the main substation, and GTC itself brings electricity to Gabriel Bajram’s warehouse and to the shopkeepers

Gjoko Trajcevski, the director of the GTC shopping mall, probably an accomplice in the bitcoin mining stealing state electricity, banned journalists from filming dissatisfied shopkeepers seeking answers to the scandal with the “rig-farm” of SDSM councilor Gabriel Bajram, Antonio Milososki...

Macedonia 19.11.21 | 10:09

Government continues to deny reports about bitcoin mining with stolen electricity

Gjoko Trajcevski, the Government appointed director of the GTC shopping mall in Skopje, is again denying that people close to the ruling SDSM party were stealing electricity from the mall to mine for bitcoin. The suspects are the Bajram family, who dominate the Roma Shuto Orizari neighborhood and have...

Macedonia 08.07.21 | 17:32

Mayor Bogdanovic approved work to begin on one of the three towers planned next to the GTC mall

The municipality of Centar approved the construction of one of the three towers planned at the site of a parking are servicing the large GTC mall in Skopje’s downtown. SDK reports that Centar Mayor Sasa Bogdanovic signed the approval and the investors from Fashion Group can now begin work. The...

Macedonia 06.07.21 | 16:58

Parts of downtown Skopje will be left without water tomorrow

Because of a defect, parts of downtown Skopje will be left without water tomorrow, starting at 9h. Water utility company teams will need to replace a pipe that supplies portions of the large GTC mall, as well as the St. Clement hospital.

Macedonia 24.04.21 | 19:55

More SDSM official come out in support of the huge development near Skopje’s GTC mall

Architecture professor Miroslav Grcev, an outspoken supporter of SDSM and the Colored Revolution, came out in support of building the huge residential complex next to the GTC shopping mall. SDSM fired up protesters against a plan to deck GTC in a neo-classical style facade and to make it a closed space...

Macedonia 22.04.21 | 15:00

Anti-Corruption Commission calls for an investigation into the huge development plan for downtown Skopje

The Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) asked public prosecutors to initiate an investigation into the large real-estate project planned near the GTC mall in Skopje, in which three high-rises and a large new shopping mall are scheduled to be built by businessman Zoran Antic together with the Macedonian...

Macedonia 12.04.21 | 13:11

Online petition to prevent the construction of three high-rises next to the GTC shopping mall in Skopje

An online petition is circulating to prevent the construction of a huge residential and business bloc next to the Skopje GTC shopping mall, in the very center of the city. The site includes what is now a parking lot servicing GTC and a near-by low-rise residential area, along the banks of the river Vardar....

Macedonia 10.02.21 | 12:53

Mayor Silegov plans to rearrange Skopje’s most popular quay and restaurant area

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov announced a move to greatly redesign the popular GTC quay along the Vardar river, in order to turn part of it into a road. Owners of the long line of restaurants and cafes will be required to remove the open air garden sections in the middle of the quay, and in terms of compensation,...

Macedonia 19.12.20 | 07:32

Man stabbed in downtown Skopje

A man was stabbed in an incident in the GTC mall in downtown Skopje yesterday evening. The attack occurred in the lowest level of the mall. Police was able to detain the attacker. The motive for the incident remains unclear.  

Macedonia 29.11.19 | 22:37

It didn’t last even one day: Silegov’s green roof on GTC shopping center leaked

The City of Skopje promoted Friday the green roof of the GTC featuring ponds, benches, fountains, greenery that Skopjе citizens should enjoy in while visiting the oldest shopping center in Macedonia. Mayor Petre Silegov boasted that this space will bring about many beautiful memories for the citizens. But...

Macedonia 12.10.19 | 16:58

Mayor Silegov caves, orders the GTC cafe to be demolished

Following corruption allegations, Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov ordered the destruction of the half-built cafe on top of the GTC shopping mall in downtown Skopje. Silegov’s town hall described the decision as driven by comments from citizens, critical about the style and purpose of the object, which...

Macedonia 08.10.19 | 10:34

VMRO-DPMNE says Skopje Mayor Silegov is allowing a business close to his SDSM party to build a restaurant on top of the once bitterly contested GTC mall

VMRO-DPMNE called out Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov to reveal who is the mystery investor who is building on top of the large GTC mall. The open plan mall was the focal point of much of the protests staged by the SDSM party in 2015 and 2016, after the then VMRO-DPMNE led Government presented plans to enclose...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 17:57

Nepotism watch: SDSM appointed manager of the GTC shopping mall is hiring and promoting relatives

Owners of stores in the large GTC mall in downtown Skopje are blaming the state appointed manager Gjoko Trajcevski and his assistant Valentina Bajram of nepotistic hiring and appointments. GTC is funded by rent and fees paid by shopkeepers, but the Government and the SDSM party have a key say in appointing...

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