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Macedonia 25.07.21 | 22:01

17 year old boy injured while he and a friend were practicing with a gun

A 17 year old boy from the village of Pirok near Gostivar was shot by one of his friends. The incident happened when the boys found the gun owned by the emigrant father of the injured boy. The boys were handling the gun when it went off.

Macedonia 02.01.21 | 23:40

Man from Tetovo arrested after he had a child shoot from a gun and posted it on TikTok

Tetovo police arrested a 39 year old man from the village of Bogovinje who filmed himself having a child shoot from a gun. The video was apparently recorded on New Year and was posted on TikTok. The user was named as Agron Xhaferi. Gunfire on New Year is common in Macedonia, but so are accidents, especially...

Macedonia 28.12.20 | 10:27

TikTok crime wave: Man filmed shooting from a handgun in Skopje

The list of incidents captured on video and shared on TikTok keeps growing. After several reckless driving incidents in Skopje, a TikTok user has shared a video of a man opening fire from a handgun, apparently in the Topaana part of Skopje. This ethnically mixed part of Skopje has a long standing issue...

Macedonia 02.11.20 | 15:09

Gevgelija: Debtor tried to kill the lender and his lawyer

A man from Gevgelija pulled a gun on a man he owed money to and his lawyer, during a procedure when he was required to settle the debt. The incident happened on Thursday in the office of a court appointment enforcement agent. While the talks were on-going, the debtor pulled a gun and pointed it at the...

Macedonia 30.01.20 | 18:42

Man from Batinci tells the police that he was shot by a woman during an argument

A 42 year old man from teh village of Batinci, near Skopje, was hospitalized yesterday with a gunshot wound. The man, identified as S.M. told the police that he was with a friend from Albania at a gas station in downtown Skopje when they got into an argument with a woman. The woman opened fire from a...

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 18:43

Girl, 15, found with a gunshot wound to the head in Skopje

A fifteen year old girl from Skopje was taken to the Mother Teresa clinic yesterday with a gunshot wound to the head, the police confirmed today. The girl was found by her 18 year old brother, who said that their father’s gun was next to the girl. The police is still investigating the cause of...

Macedonia 05.07.19 | 18:34

SDSM party official filmed dancing with a gun at a wedding

Xheva Iseni, Chairman of the Board of the PUIG company for management with publicly owned real-estate, was filmed dancing with a gun at his hip during a wedding. Iseni, who is an official of the ruling SDSM party, is filmed dancing with other guests, while a pistol is visible at his right side. Celebratory...

Macedonia 01.02.19 | 12:02

Ohrid high-school principal says student who fired an improvised gun was considered a good, non-problematic kid

Saso Nedeski, principal in the “St. Naum” high-school in Ohrid, said that the student who took an improvised gas pistol to school on Thursday and injured another student in the arm was considered a non-problematic child. There was an argument during the break between two students and one...

World 23.12.18 | 22:39

France in shock after police officer draws gun on the “Yellow Vests”

A French police officer drew his gun and pointed it at the “Yellow vest” protesters who were throwing stones and even scooters at him and badly outnumbered fellow officers. In a major escalation of the weeks long protests in Paris, police used aggressive tactics to beat down the protesters...

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