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Macedonia 21.08.21 | 10:29

Summer rain brings a drop in temperatures

Some welcome rain caused a drop in temperatures across Macedonia this morning, after a month of an intense heatwave. Temperatures today are still expected to reach over 30, and the coming days will be warm and sunny, but more rain is expected later next week.  

Macedonia 17.08.21 | 19:24

Rainstorm helps bring temperatures down by a few degrees

After weeks under heatwave conditions, a powerful rainstorm blasted Macedonia today. The short but intense rain brought the temperatures down by a few degrees. The rain, accompanied by thunder, is expected to continue into Wednesday, and the temperatures will go down from the current highs of 40 to between...

Macedonia 16.08.21 | 19:49

The heatwave will begin to abate on Wednesday

Forecasters give the lengthy heatwave that enveloped Macedonia one more day. Temperatures on Tuesday are expected to hit nearly 40 degrees again, but starting on Wednesday, a drop will finally begin. The heatwave has been in effect since mid July and led to devastating forest fires. As of Wednesday,...

Macedonia 28.07.21 | 09:39

Companies told to exempt pregnant women and the elderly from work because of the heatwave

Due to the on-going heatwave, citizens are urged to remain in their homes as much as possible and to avoid staying in the open. Companies are asked to exempt pregnant women and citizens over 60 from work. All physical work in the open is discouraged. Kindergartens are told to keep the children indoors...

Macedonia 26.07.21 | 10:27

Forecasters expect a week-long heatwave

After a relatively cool week, another heatwave period is expected. Temperatures will reach close to or surpass 40 degrees Centigrade for the entrire coming week, forecasters say. On Monday, the daily highs will reach 38 degrees, with the UV solar index estimated at 8.

Macedonia 13.07.21 | 10:54

Macedonia remains under a heatwave

The heatwave is expected to continue over the coming days. Forecasters predict that the daily highs will range between 31 and 39 degrees, and that the UV solar radiation index will reach 9. Rains and thunderstorms can be expected on Friday evening, but temperatures will remain high. The weekend will...

Macedonia 12.07.21 | 12:12

Forecast: Heatwave conditions will persist at least until Friday

Forecasters warn that the heatwave will persist at least until Friday. Temperatures over the week are going to reach the high 30-ies, with humidity and lack of wind making the heat even more difficult to bear. Starting on Friday, we can expect the temperatures to drop by a few degrees, as well as afternoon...

Macedonia 01.07.21 | 08:29

Heatwave: Temperatures will reach up to 41 degrees today

With temperatures expected to hit 41 degrees, citizens are advised to remain in their homes and avoid activity in the open. The UV solar radiation index is also predicted to hit 9, which adds to the risks. Temperatures across Macedonia will range from 32 to 41 at the mid-day peak, with only a weak to...

Macedonia 24.06.21 | 09:10

The heatwave will peak on Friday

Temperatures in parts of Macedonia will hit up to 41 degrees today, and overall the country will remain under heatwave conditions. Daily highs will range between 33 and 41 degrees, while the morning lows, if we can call them that, are around 20 degrees. The heatwave will continue for the coming few days...

Macedonia 21.06.21 | 09:17

Heatwave: Temperatures expected to hit 40

A major heatwave is expected in the coming days, with temperatures across Macedonia hitting up to 40 degrees. Today’s daily highs will range between 25 and 36 degrees, with some rain possible during the day. But starting tomorrow, all of the country will see highs over 30 and up to 40 degrees,...

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 15:12

New heatwave about to begin

For the next few days, until Tuesday, forecasters expect a strong heatwave over Macedonia. Daily highs will range between 30 and 37 degrees and the peak of the heatwave will be reached at the start of next week when we can expect up to 39 degrees. Starting Tuesday, forecasts expect a drop in temperatures.

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 10:29

Heatwave warning in effect

Citizens are urged to stay indoors today as temperatures are expected to reach up to 40 degrees. The heatwave is causing health issues for the sick and the elderly and the strong UV radiation can be felt even during short walks. Doctors advise that individuals stay hydrated, eat light food and wear light...

Macedonia 29.07.20 | 10:34

Heathwave: Temperatures will go up to 39 degrees

The heatwave is expected to be in full force today, with temperatures rising up to 39 degrees in parts of Macedonia. The lowest citizens in the cooler parts of the country can hope for around noon will be 29 degrees, forecasters predict. The UV solar radiation index will also be at a very high level...

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 09:41

Heatwave expected to peak on Wednesday

Forecasters predict hot temperatures, up to 36 degrees Centigrade today, and a UV solar radiation index of 8. The hot weather will last throughout the week, with temperatures expected to keep rising. On Wednesday we can expect temperatures of up to 40 degrees. By Friday, we can expect afternoon rains...

Macedonia 22.07.20 | 21:57

Heatwave expected next week

Macedonia is in for a major heatwave next week, with temperatures expected to reach up to 40 degrees. The effects will be felt this week as well, with highs of 38, but afternoon rains can cool off the temperatures a little. Next week, besides the heat, the public can expect that the UV solar index will...

Macedonia 29.06.20 | 12:54

Heatwave in Macedonia, some rain expected on Thursday and Friday

The on-going heat wave will last until Thursday afternoon, when we can expect rain and a drop in temperatures to drop. Until then, daily highs will be between 30 and 38 degrees. But even with the expected rains on Thursday and Friday afternoon, temperatures won’t drop by much, and Saturday will...

Macedonia 12.08.19 | 17:23

A powerful storm will interrupt the heatwave

A major storm is expected to interrupt the heatwave that descended across the Balkans later this week. The storm will move in from the north, across Slovenia and Croatia, and spread across the Balkans. Forecasters expect thunderstorms, powerful rains and gusts of wind. Macedonia will be affected on Wednesday...

Macedonia 02.07.19 | 13:15

The heatwave will peak on Wednesday, temperatures to hit 40 degrees

The heatwave is expected to spike on Wednesday, with temperatures hitting 40 degrees Centigrade, and the UV solar radiation index at 9. The whole of Macedonia will be under a yellow alert, and citizens are asked to avoid getting out unless necessary, wear light clothes and stay hydrated. On Friday we...

Macedonia 14.06.19 | 10:57

Heatwave will last until the end of the week

Macedonia remains under a heatwave and people are advised to remain at home unless necessary. The advisory especially covers the hours between 11h and 17h. Those who do go out, are advised to wear light clothes, cover their heads, wear shades and stay hydrated. People should also avoid food that easily...

Macedonia 13.06.19 | 09:37

Orange heatwave alert in force in Macedonia

Forecasters predict scorching temperatures across Macedonia, with highs reaching 38 degrees, enough to trigger the orange alert phase. Citizens are warned to try and stay indoors between 11h and 17h, wear light clothes, sunglasses, caps and stay hydrated. Chronic patients are alerted to take their medicine...