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Macedonia 28.11.21 | 11:37

Kavadarci police seized 150 grams of heroin

Kavadarci police seized 150 grams of heroin from two drug dealers. The drugs were found in their home, divided in small packages and prepared to be sold. The officers seized money and a car they suspect were the proceeds from drug running.

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 13:55

Macedonians and Bulgarians arrested in a heroin raid near Kustendil

Bulgarian police arrested Macedonian and Bulgarian drug runners near Kustendil, and seized 16 kilograms of heroin. The raid was performed in a village north-east of Kustendil, near the border with Macedonia.

Macedonia 12.04.21 | 10:40

Police grabbed two heroin dealers from Prilep

Police detained two heroin dealers from Prilep in a raid on the Skopje – Veles highway. The car stopped at a paytoll booth and that is when the police jumped the driver and the passenger. More details about the arrest are expected tomorrow. The smugglers were identified as A.K. (44) and A.T. (30). This...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 23:18

Police confirms several arrests in the seizure of guns and heroin in Skopje

Interior Minister Nake Culev and the commissioner of Skopje Risto Stavrevski confirmed the seizure of guns and heroin during a raid in Skopje’s Butel district. Media outlets have reported that five people were arrested in connection to the incident. The drugs and guns were found in a specially...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 17:54

Cache of guns and heroin found buried in Skopje

Police officers found an underground spot in Skopje’s Butel district in which 2,5 kilos of heroin were kept, along with automatic rifles and guns. A total of three automatic rifles, two automatic handguns, one sniper rifle and one semi-automatic rifle were found during the search. The police still...

Macedonia 25.04.20 | 23:04

Police raid east of Skopje nets a large quantity of drugs

Macedonian police seized 2,2 kilograms of heroin and other drugs during a raid on a house in the village of Trubarevo east of the capital Skopje. The police informed that it is still examining the total haul in the house. So far, 33 bags of drugs and two digital scales were found. The raid began with...

Macedonia 24.02.20 | 10:29

Macedonian citizens caught transporting 12 kilos of heroin to Montenegro

Two Macedonian citizens were arrested by Montenegrin police as they were transporting 12 kilograms of heroin. The man and woman were caught on the Kosovo – Montenegro border, following a joint operation by the police forces of Macedonia and Montenegro. The drugs were kept in 24 packages hidden...

Macedonia 27.12.19 | 10:43

Macedonian drug gang was selling heroin and cocaine in Austria and Serbia

A group Macedonian citizens were responsible for organizing the heroin and cocaine transports that were seized over the past month in several raids. One of the drug seizures occurred in Austria in late November, where two Macedonian citizens were caught transporting five kilograms of very potent heroin...

Macedonia 04.04.19 | 14:58

Heroin dealer arrested in Skopje

Skopje police detained a drug dealer who was arrested with 84 grams of heroin. The man is identified as S.I. (42) from Skopje and the arrest was made in the Kisela Voda neighborhood.

Macedonia 01.02.19 | 11:57

Husband and wife team from Stip arrested for selling heroin

A husband and wife team from Stip were detained for selling heroin. The 46 year old man and his 44 year old wife were detained with 180 grams of heroin, while they were preparing to pack it. The two were operating in Stip and Radovis. Stip police asked for detention orders and the couple will be detained...

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