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Macedonia 26.08.21 | 12:30

Two hit-and-run incidents in Skopje in two days

Twice in two days a bicyclist was hit and injured by a motorist in Skopje. In both cases, the drivers fled the scene. The first incident happened on Tuesday, in the Cair district, where a 74 year old cyclist was badly injured. On Wednesday, a 35 year old cyclist was hit by a car in the village of Brazda...

Macedonia 09.07.21 | 16:29

Only 15 months in prison for the driver who killed a 20 year old woman in Strumica

An 18 year man from Strumica was sentenced to just 15 months in prison for the hit and run killing of 20 year old Verica Belcovska. The incident happened in early April in downtown Strumica. The driver fled the scene after running over Belcovska, but turned himself in the next day. Belcovska’s family...

Macedonia 08.04.21 | 08:46

Girl badly injured after a hit and run in Strumica

A 21 year old woman was badly injured in a hit and run incident in downtown Strumica yesterday evening. The woman, from the village of Rusinovo, was residing in Strumica. She was hit while crossing a street on a pedestrian crossing. Due to the severity of her injuries, she had to be taken to Skopje for...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 17:15

Elderly pedestrian badly injured after a hit and run by a woman driving a car with Swedish licence plates

The police is looking for a woman who was driving a Volkswagen with Swedish licence plates, who hit an elderly pedestrian yesterday around noon. The incident occurred in Skopje, at a parking on the Partizanska boulevard. The driver fled the scene, leaving the 76 year old man badly injured.

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