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Macedonia 12.11.21 | 19:18

Ambassadors of France and Germany chose not to comment on yesterday’s events in the Parliament

The ambassadors of France and Germany did not comment on the chaotic session of the Macedonian Parliament yesterday, where an opposition representative was apparently prevented from casting a vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government. The vote was planned on Armistice Day, even the hour when the session...

Macedonia 20.05.21 | 11:45

German Ambassador Holstein strongly condemns Bulgaria for its veto against Macedonia

German Ambassador to Macedonia Anke Holstein strongly condemned Bulgaria for blocking Macedonia’s accession talks prospects. She said that “one country is holding 26 EU member states hostage and is harming the credibility of the entire European Union when it comes to enlargement”. During...

Macedonia 17.12.20 | 11:24

German Ambassador Holstein: We tried but we failed

German Ambassador Anke Holstein denied media reports that the introduction of historic requirements in the EU enlargement package will represent a new condition for Macedonia. In a statement for Deutsche Welle, Holstein said that the criteria was also used in 2018, and will apply both to Macedonia, but...

Macedonia 28.10.20 | 20:59

German Ambassador Holstein says EU should not get involved in the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria

German Ambassador to Macedonia Anke Holstein said that it is not the place of the European Union to interfere in a dispute between two countries such as Macedonia and Bulgaria. This comment, after today’s meeting with Foreign Minister Osmani and Bulgarian Ambassador to Macedonia Angelov dashed...

Macedonia 28.07.20 | 14:30

Elections can’t be seen as fair and democratic, Mickoski says during meeting with German Ambassador Holstein

Based on the confidence it was given by the citizens, the Coalition for renewal of Macedonia is working to form a new majority in Parliament, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski after his meeting with German Ambassador Anke Holstein. During the meeting, Mickoski said that the elections held...

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