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Macedonia 16.06.20 | 18:57

Hotels will be allowed to reopen on Monday

Hotels will be allowed to reopen beginning Monday, the Economy Ministry announced today. During the coronavirus epidemic some hotels were repurposed as mandatory quarantine areas, and guest visits were banned. Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi today said that the hotels are being informed of the protocols...

World 13.05.20 | 15:40

V4: Hungarian hotels and restaurants told to put safety measures in place before they reopen

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has compiled a COVID handbook to assist the work of accommodation establishments, catering businesses, tourism attractions, and service providers with significant guest turnover in connection with the reopening, based on aspects considered important for this transition. With...

Macedonia 13.04.20 | 19:59

Mandatory quarantien for citizens returning to Macedonia increased to three weeks

Macedonian citizens returning to the country will be placed in a longer, three weeks quarantine, instead of the two weeks imposed now. The Government issued a decree to change the quarantine rules that apply to all citizens who come back to Macedonia from high risk foreign countries. The citizens are...

Economy 04.02.20 | 18:11

The Skopje Continental mortgaged for a million EUR loan

Managers of the Skopje Continental decided to mortgage the hotel in exchage for a 960.000 EUR loan from the Komercijalna Bank. The hotel is mortgaged in full, along with its all assets and the proposal will be put before the shareholders in early March. The International Hotels company, which owns the...

Macedonia 02.02.19 | 20:52

Gruevski: In Hungary I am staying with friends, I have not met with Orban

“Despite speculation that in Hungary I am staying in a luxury hotel for which I pay a large amount of money, I can say that only the first one – two days I was in a hotel and it was far from luxurious. Then I was helped by friends, so I am staying with them,” said former Prime Minister...

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