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Macedonia 02.05.22 | 10:09

Attackers fired on a house in Skopje

Unidentified attackers opened fire on a house in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district. The home is owned by a 63 year old woman, who reported the attack to the police at 3 in the morning. There were no injuries.

Macedonia 07.09.21 | 09:59

VMRO-DPMNE: Mayor Silegov does not have a permit for the expansion on his house

The permit produced by Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov does not cover the large addition he is making to his house, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. This permit covers reconstruction, which means redoing the facade or other work that doesn’t alter the size of the house. In reality, Silegov is adding...

Macedonia 06.09.21 | 13:50

Mayor Silegov claims he has permit for the reconstruction of his house

After days of being called out for the large addition he is making to his house, Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov today insisted that he has a permit for reconstruction. Silegov said that he inherited the house from his father and that he also owns the land underneath it. He insisted that he is adding nothing...

Macedonia 12.02.20 | 20:43

Healthcare Minister Filipce gave contracts worth 7 million EUR to a businessman tied to his family

A businessman who has received seven million EUR in contracts from the Healthcare Ministry under Minister Venko Filipce, has a direct link to his family, Alfa TV has reported. According to the television, businessman Goran Filipov has received his first contract with the Healthcare Ministry the day after...

Life 22.01.20 | 17:28

Appeal for help after fire destroys home of Kicevo family

After the house of the Arsoski family from Kicevo burnt down on Tuesday night, the three-member family and their parents were left homeless. The fire affected the entire upper floor of the house with all its furniture burnt down and fortunately there was only material damage. We appeal to all human citizens,...

Macedonia 20.09.19 | 13:07

After being pressured by UNESCO, Ohrid authorities demolish a house being built without a permit

Ohrid city authorities began to demolish a house that was unlawfully being built in the north-eastern part of the city, allegedly by a company owned by notorious local DUI party official Nefi Useini. The city was called out for its inability to tackle unlawful construction, including a downtown restaurant...

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