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Macedonia 08.06.20 | 18:22

Corona press conference turns testy as experts confirm that the Second Wave of the epidemic was caused by Muslim holiday gatherings

The daily press conference on the state of the coronavirus epidemic descended into angry recriminations, after the head of the Committee on infectious diseases Zarko Karadzovski said that the Second Wave of the epidemic was caused by the long and massively attended iftar dinners held during the month...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 14:58

Despite posting pictures of family gatherings on Facebook, “SDSM patient zero” Muhamed Zekiri now denies that he violated quarantine rules

The issue of whether SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri is fully cooperating with healthcare teams after contracting the coronavirus was raised today. SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, during a press conference, stated that Zekiri contracted the virus attending an iftar dinner at his brother’s place during...

Macedonia 25.05.20 | 12:13

Gazi Baba Mayor says the new coronavirus cases are caused by the iftar dinners

The spike in newly diagnosed coronavirus cases in Skopje’s Gazi Baba district is due to the iftar dinners held every evening throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. The comments come after Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce also condemned the lack of respect for the coronavirus rules during the...

Macedonia 24.05.20 | 18:48

Reis Rexhepi declares victory over the coronavirus even as fears grow that the Ramadan celebrations will lead to a new spike

Fresh out of his wedding, the head of the Islamic Community in Macedonia Reis Sulejman efendi Rexhepi, triumphantly declared the coronavirus to be dead. We say it is dead. We beat it. That’s why we are here, an animated Rexhepi told the press today as the Ramadan Bajram festivities began. Macedonia...

Macedonia 21.05.20 | 18:42

Family gatherings lead to 10 new coronavirus cases in Tetovo

Tetovo local authorities warned that the spike in new Covid-19 cases is due to family gatherings. Three group gatherings in and around Tetovo led to 10 new cases in one day, said epidemiologist Naim Skenderi. Tetovo and Bogovinje have the most new cases. Citizens should not lower their guard and should...

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