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Macedonia 08.09.20 | 16:54

Ahmeti: In the past 29 years, we’ve been on a long and hard journey and we are still facing major challenges

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti has extended an Independence Day greeting. In the past 29 years of statehood, we’ve been on a long and hard journey and we are still facing major challenges. It is our duty to address these challenges, one by one, today, for future generation to live in peace and prosperity, Ahmeti...

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 16:32

On Independence Day, Zaev speaks about “our country” and “homeland”, he never says Macedonia

The dream of all previous generations for an independent and free country has come true, today 29 years since the declaration of independence, our homeland has largest number of friends, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at Tuesday’s event marking Independence Day – 8 September. In his address,...

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 12:29

Zaev congratulates Independence Day

In an Independence Day greeting on Facebook, Prime Minister Zoran Zaevs aid that 29 years ago the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, to all future generations of this country, gave the greatest gift – the independence of the country. The dream of all previous generations for an independent...

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 12:07

US extends Independence Day greetings to Macedonia

This year we congratulate Macedonia on becoming the 30th member of NATO, and we applaud your country’s commitment to regional and global peace and security that is reflected in this tremendous achievement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says in a statement on Independence Day extending greetings...

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 11:49

Pendarovski on Independence Day: Common imperative to live better in the future

Almost three decades ago, in 1991, in a referendum, an overwhelming majority of our citizens voted to live in an independent, free and democratic Republic of Macedonia. Since then we have had ups and downs in the fight for democratic values. The path we took then is not easy, says President Stevo Pendarovski...

Macedonia 08.09.20 | 10:49

Macedonia celebrates 29 years of independence

Macedonia marks Tuesday the 29th anniversary of the 1991 referendum in which the citizens voted in favour of an independent and sovereign state. Taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations will be in line with health safety protocols of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, which include...

Macedonia 07.09.20 | 10:17

Macedonia’s Army to mark Independence Day with honorary gun salute

The Army’s artillery battalion unit is to fire a 5-gun salute on Monday in honor of Macedonia’s Independence Day – September 8. The event will take place in Skopje-based Ilinden barracks at 6:30 pm, the Army said in a press release.

Macedonia 06.09.20 | 22:59

Modest celebration planned for the 29th independence day

The Government plans to hold a very modest celebration of the 29th anniversary of independence on September 8. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will be the main speaker at an event that will be held with a bare minimum of attendees who will be kept at a distance from each other. Zaev will be accompanied by...

Macedonia 09.09.19 | 13:26

Siljanovska: It is immoral to “paint” history, and us on Independence Day

The colors of Macedonia are those that are featured on our grandmothers aprons, blankets, rugs, decorations, headscarves, socks, vests, sweaters: red, black and yellow. The colors of Macedonian freedom and independence are those most present in the Macedonian flags during the Kresna and Ilinden Uprisings,...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 23:23

Matteo Salvini: Happy Independence Day Macedonians!

The most popular Italian politician Matteo Salvini congratulated all Macedonians on Macedonia’s Independence Day – September 8t via video message. The video shows Salvini in company with Macedonians living in Italy. He took the opportunity to send good wishes and to congratulate the Independence...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 23:16

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo congratulates Independence Day

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo congratulated Macedonia’s Independence Day and expressed support for Euro-Atlantic integration. On behalf of the United States government and the American people, I offer my regards to the people of North Macedonia as you mark 28 years of independence, Mike Pompeo...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 21:23

There is a difference! We will be back! Long live Macedonia!

VMRO-DPMNE MP Vlatko Gjorcev shared a photo on Facebook comparing the 2011 Independence Day celebration and this year’s celebration at the City Park. There is a difference! We will be back! Long live Macedonia, Gjorcev wrote.

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 13:01

Gruevski: We had a state since August 2, 1944, and on September 8, 1991 we declared independence

I was a student and I had just turned 21. On the night of September 8 when I arrived on the square, it was already full and in anticipation of the results of the referendum. As we stood and waited for the results to be announced, I remember commenting that we were actually making a state that day. We...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 12:38

Zaev congratulates Independence Day: Long live North Macedonia!

On September 8, 1991, Independence Day showed us that freedom and independence have the most beautiful colors. The joy, happiness, and beauty that flooded our fatherland should always be remembered. Long live the Republic of Norther Macedonia, Zaev tweeted on the occasion of Independence Day. На 8...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 12:28

Pendarovski: Let’s renew unity shown at onset of independence

Back in 1991, during challenging times, we the people, united around an idea of an independent state. That great challenge became a reason for unity instead of division. We all huddled around the idea of independent and sovereign Macedonia, says President Stevo Pendarovski in the note of congratulations...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 09:41

Happy birthday fatherland! Macedonia forever!

Happy birthday fatherland! Macedonia forever, VMRO-DPMNE leader said on the occasion of September 8, Macedonia’s Independence Day.

Macedonia 06.09.19 | 18:08

French President Macron congratulates Pendarovski on Independence Day

French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated President Stevo Pendarovski and the Macedonian citizens on Independence Day, September 8. In his congratulation message, the French President said that the year was marked by the entry into force of the Prespa Treaty as well as the signing of the protocol...