Tag: Infectious Disease Clinic
Macedonia 07.10.20 | 21:31

Infectious Disease Clinic nurses who Filipce persuaded to stay have been dismissed

The nurses who resigned from the Infectious Disease Clinic, and who were expressly received by the concerned minister the next day, were expressly dismissed from the positions of the ward, ie the chief nurse after the meeting, wrote Dr. Nenad Lazarov from the Association of Residents and Young Doctors...

Macedonia 05.10.20 | 19:33

Another nurse leaves the Infectious Diseases Clinic

Another nurse is leaving the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, Alsat-M reports. It is the nurse Irena Popkoceva, who did not want to comment on her decision over the phone. However, according to the TV station, some of her colleagues in the Covid-19 department as well at the Infectious Diseases Clinic...

Macedonia 01.04.20 | 22:07

Dr. Stevanovic from Infectious Disease Clinic: The treatment is different for everyone, depends on the patient’s overall health

We know very little about COVID-19, the infection and the disease are seriously unpredictable – that’s for sure. However, experience so far has shown that 80% of patients develop very mild symptoms or do not notice them at all. Citizens’ fear should be present, but we must not allow...

Macedonia 31.03.20 | 20:03

54 patients treated at Infectious Disease Clinic in Skopje, 4 in critical condition, 20 with oxygen masks

The Skopje-based Clinic for Infectious Diseases is currently treating 54 patients, four are in critical condition, 20 need only oxygen masks, while the rest have mild symptoms, said Health Minister Venko Filipce on Tuesday. Filipce told a press conference that nearly 400 tests have been done over the...

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