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Macedonia 24.11.22 | 09:46

Sutarov: Love for the homeland can never be out of fashion

Love for the homeland can never be out of fashion, says Prof. Dr. Vasko Sutarov in an interview with “Republika”. The reason for the conversation was the recently published book by Prof. Sutarov entitled “When the motherland becomes a child, and the truth is a struggle”, which...

Macedonia 23.11.22 | 11:23

Misajlovski: Whenever elections take place, VMRO-DPMNE will win over SDSM with more than 20 MPs

The latest poll that showed a double lead of VMRO-DPMNE over SDSM is the reality that is happening after these years of inaction and incompetence of the government and all the scandals that follow them. That’s why we say let’s hold early elections, but they also see these numbers and that’s...

Economy 17.11.22 | 12:38

Mickoski: In just three months, SDSM indebted each family for 700 euros

We are dealing with the most unsuccessful and criminal government and with a government that has no vision of how to develop Macedonia and make the citizens happy, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in the second part of the interview with “Republika” in which he talked about...

Macedonia 16.11.22 | 11:27

Mickoski: I will lead a candidate list in the parliamentary elections

The “Parasites” affair shows unfair treatment of the citizens in Macedonia. While every average person barely makes ends meet, a small group of government henchmen who, on the backs of all citizens, are getting enormously rich and have huge incomes, says the leader of VMRO- DPMNE Hristijan...

Macedonia 15.11.22 | 16:23

In an exclusive interview with Republika, Hristijan Mickoski will discuss the growing historic disputes

Republika will air an exclusive interview with VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. In it, Mickoski will discuss the growing historic disputes, surrounding the Bulgarian club named after Vanco Mihajlov, Macedonia’s communist past and potential coalition plans with ethnic Albanian parties.

Macedonia 12.11.22 | 10:44

Atanasov: I do not rule out the possibility of a joint performance with Maksim Dimitrievski in the next elections

“Macedonian Modern” is a movement that will try to give birth to a new political force to influence the political scene in the country. We have a strategy, we have people, ideas and we think that we will have to open up all the important issues and see what happened these 30 years and let’s...

Macedonia 25.10.22 | 10:00

Slaveski: It will be difficult for Skopje if Arsovska remains mayor for another three years

The disagreement with mayor Arsovska started with the change of two directors on her part, which was not done in agreement with the coalition that supported her and allowed her a mandate at the head of Skopje, explains Trajko Slaveski, president of the Council of the City of Skopje. It all started from...

Macedonia 22.09.22 | 10:58

Bozinovski: It is no longer a question of who will win the elections, but what will be the difference with VMRO-DPMNE

The government has two focuses on their policy at the moment, and that is not the development of Macedonia, but to have 61 MPs to stay in power as long as they can. The purpose of governance is to stay in power. The second focus is if it is possible to secure eight MPs in order to pass the constitutional...

Macedonia 06.09.22 | 09:53

Saliu: Whoever manages to make a deal with the Albanian votes becomes the mayor of Shuto Orizari

I claim that the Democratic Forces of the Roma is the strongest party of the Roma and one of the largest coalition partners of VMRO-DPMNE, says leader Shaban Saliu in an interview with “Republika”. He explains that they confirmed this with the results of the local elections and the last protests. We...

Macedonia 28.07.22 | 13:43

Aleksandar Nikoloski in exclusive interview with V4NA: It would be better if EU admitted that it has problems with integration, instead of continuing with its current ambiguous policy

The Macedonian opposition finds the French proposal to settle the dispute with the Bulgarians unacceptable. According to the politician speaking to V4NA, implementing it would threaten the national identity of the Macedonian people. Aleksandar Nikoloski added that it would be better if the EU simply...

Macedonia 27.07.22 | 15:03

Mickoski: We didn’t pass the red line, someone else passed the line of common sense

The European Union loses its credibility when the megalomaniac demands of individual states are satisfied, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Deutsche Welle. It was during the visit of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski and the vice-president of the party,...

Macedonia 22.07.22 | 22:29

Mickoski: DUI entered into a pact with Bulgaria and betrayed the Macedonian people

The change of the Constitution will not happen, because it is the last defense of the Macedonian identity. Because if the Constitution falls, if the negotiating framework passes, the Macedonian identity ends, says the president of the largest opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in an interview...

Macedonia 22.07.22 | 12:32

Ulcar: By giving up on minorities, we also give up on our dialects

The biggest problem in the Declaration on the Macedonian language is that it is claimed that it has its own historical and temporal continuity, but also that the dialect expansion is limited within the state framework of today’s Republic of Macedonia, with which we practically give up the dialect...

Macedonia 11.07.22 | 11:03

French proposal doesn’t offer beginning of Macedonian EU integration, Mickoski tells “Politika”

The French proposal to resolve the bilateral dispute between Bulgaria and Macedonia does not offer the beginning of Macedonian European integration, but, on the contrary, opens endless negotiations or assimilation according to Bulgarian dictate, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski. In Bulgaria,...

Macedonia 09.07.22 | 19:52

The government should listen to the people and say NO, because the last proposal represents nothing but tyical assimilation of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian identity, Mickoski tells Prva.rs

What is happening at the moment, what is the situation like, are there protests or will there be no protest today due to the Qurban Bayram holiday? Mickoski: Today, due to the religious holiday ofQurban Bayram, there will be no protests, but we will continue already tomorrow, so we will go all the way,...

Macedonia 22.06.22 | 19:07

Durlovski: I am proud of the “For a United Macedonia” protests, my heart is full when I go back to those days

I am proud of the “For a United Macedonia” protests, my heart is full when I recall the seventy days. At the protest the other day, when I went on stage to sing the national anthem of Macedonia, I felt the same incredible energy, something that is not seen and heard, but experienced. I saw...

Macedonia 17.06.22 | 11:02

Prendzov: This is a casino government, first it collects for itself, and then gives what is left to the citizens

Saturday’s protest should be a general nationwide rally against the SDSM and DUI government. The government says that the protest and the elections will stop the reforms, but no one can list a single reform in healthcare, economy, education, GROM MP Ljupco Prendzov says. The citizens care coming...

Macedonia 04.06.22 | 10:44

Hajredini: It is necessary for the criminals from DUI who are in power to go to prison and in a few days we will have a realignment

Although the current crisis is global, big mistakes have been made in Macedonia. We should first ask ourselves whether this budget is tailored to support the most affected segments of the population, but it is not, it tailored to maintain power. Former Minister of Finance Xhevdet Hajredini is convinced...

Macedonia 28.05.22 | 10:05

Vasilevska: Kovacevski does not think for himself

Xhaferi is upset because we disturbed his peace. He is an official who has been in high state positions for over 20 years. When you spend four years in a high position or you get tired and enter a way of life that creates insensitivity, says professor and VMRO-DPMNE MP Ivanka Vasilevska in an interview...

Macedonia 07.04.22 | 15:04

Mickoski interview with “Patot kon” on Alsat TV this evening

Follow my interview with the “Patot kon” show on Alsat TV, starting at 22h, wrote the leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in a Facebook post.