Tag: irregularities
Macedonia 16.07.20 | 13:40

Highly unusual results coming from the Election Commission throw the vote counting process in doubt

The website of the State Electoral Commission continues to be down, after the alleged hacking attack last evening, but in the brief periods it goes up it creates even more confusion in the public. Several screen shots from the website show results that are completely out of the realm of any previous...

Macedonia 27.01.20 | 18:48

Stamenkovska-Stojkovski points out to irregularities in employment in the state and public sector

The general situation of state and public sector employees is very bad and worrying, and officials are bypassing the law and methodology for adopting an annual employment plan, the additional Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration Nevenka Stamenkovska-Stojkovski said...

Macedonia 05.05.19 | 13:08

The first irregularities registered: Organized vote and suspicion of bribery in several polling stations

The first irregularities have been registered in the second round of the presidential elections in Macedonia. In the Roma neighborhood Trizla in Prilep, organized voting took place this morning, something that is forbidden on the election day. Namely, the citizens were taken with a vehicle from their...

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 16:54

Election Board member tore off three ballots in Zdunje polling station

According to the information received from MOST observers and the regional offices, the following irregularities were registered: – The polling station 2344 in the municipality of Studenichani was not opened until 10 am, therefore the voting will not take place. – A member of the Election...

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