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Macedonia 26.01.22 | 21:00

Government decides to reduce isolation period to 7 days

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia at today’s 7th regular session adopted a decision to reduce the isolation period for people infected with COVID-19 as well as the period of self-isolation / quarantine of persons who were in close contact with a confirmed COVID -19 case. According to...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 22:03

Isolation period for Omicron cases remains according to old rules, the Government did not find time for the proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases

Reducing the isolation period from 10 to 7 days for asymptomatic covid cases was not on the agenda of today’s government session. The proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases will probably be discussed by the authorities after the return of the ministers from Bulgaria. Meanwhile, while...

Macedonia 05.01.22 | 12:03

Isolation for asymptomatic Covid-19 cases to be reduced to 7 days?

Isolation for asymptomatic Covid-19 cases will soon be reduced from 10 to 7 days, “Sloboden pecat” has learned from sources in the Commission for Infectious Diseases, as well as in the Ministry of Health. A meeting of the Commission will be convened these days with an agenda to reduce the...

Macedonia 11.11.21 | 12:23

Two MPs who are in isolation arrived at the Parliament building in hazmat suits

Two MPs from VMRO-DPMNE who are in isolation due to Covid-19, under special protocols are attending Thursday’s parliamentary session on a vote of no-confidence in the Government. The MP and coordinator of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Micevski and his fellow party member, MP from Gevgelija, Angelinka Petkova,...

Macedonia 06.09.21 | 22:11

Entire classes in three cities sent into isolation due to the coronavirus

Entire classes in three cities in the country have been sent into isolation due to the coronavirus. These are classes in Veles, Prilep and Stip primary and secondary schools. This school year started with in-person classes for all students in Macedonia. According to the plan of the authorities, they...

Macedonia 09.10.20 | 16:37

150 children who attended kindergarten are in isolation

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Sahpaska says that the situation in the kindergartens is stable and that the institution she runs, together with the Ministry of Health, is closely monitoring it. So far, 10 children and 21 employees in kindergartens have tested positive for the coronavirus,...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 14:47

Culture Minister Stefoska in self-isolation after staff member contracted the coronavirus

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska went into self-isolation after a member of her staff tested positive to the coronavirus. Stefoska said that she will perform her duties from home while being tested for the virus.

Macedonia 13.07.20 | 22:18

SEC: 723 COVID-19 patients and people in self-isolation exercise voting right

The State Election Commission (SEC) has said that 723 COVID-19 patients and people in self-isolation exercised their voting right at the early parliamentary elections on Monday. Let me thank the media for the message transmitted to the citizens that SEC and the state have administered a fully safe voting...

Macedonia 13.06.20 | 13:16

Over a thousand people sent in self-isolation in the past 24 hours,1,071 people fined for not wearing face masks

The Ministry of Interior issued in the past 24 hours 790 isolation orders, while 214 people signed self-isolation statements, it said in a press release Saturday. In addition, six people were caught ignoring stay-at-home orders during police controls, the press release read. According to MoI, 1,071 people...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 21:50

People refusing to accept self-isolation, providing false data will go into state quarantine at their own expense

The Government passed Tuesday changes to the Decree on implementation of the law for the population’s protection from contagious diseases during a state of emergency. According to the Decree, if a person refuses to accept a decision for self-isolation, provides false personal information or false data...

Macedonia 06.05.20 | 12:12

207 people placed in isolation over past 24 hours

55 people were caught breaking curfew in the past 24 hours, of which 42 were detained and appropriate measures will be taken for the rest, the Ministry of Interior said in a press release on Wednesday. Over the past 24 hours, the Interior Ministry issued 159 isolation orders and 48 people signed self-isolation...

Macedonia 16.04.20 | 14:17

Top Government officials Spasovski, Filipce and Osmani to self-isolate after meeting with the infected Mayor of Kumanovo

Top Government officials, including interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, his deputy Bujar Osmani, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and Education Minister Arbr Ademi are expected to go into self-isolation after attending a meeting of the Kumanovo crisis committee on Wednesday. Today it was revealed...

Macedonia 14.04.20 | 19:37

Mickoski about the time in isolation: I miss my family and sports

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with TV Kanal 5 says that the most difficult thing for him during the isolation is that he is separated from his family. It is not easy considering the dynamic life I lead in both the party and the faculty. I often play sports, but what is most difficult...

Macedonia 10.04.20 | 11:30

Zaev will spend two weeks in self-isolation in Strumica

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev said that he will remain in self-isolation in Strumica for two weeks, after he was interviewed by a journalist who was subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19. We took all precautionary measures during the interview, we avoided contact and maintained distance, but I will stay...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 10:52

160 citizens leave the state-run quarantine

The Government of Macedonia informed that yesterday the state-run quarantine for 160 Macedonian nationals was successfully completed, who spent 14 days in strict security and health conditions at the Ibis Hotel in Skopje (Taftalidze) and a facility in Demir Kapija. The people who have successfully completed...

Macedonia 01.04.20 | 17:08

People in isolation to be monitored via coronavirus app

A coronavirus mobile app is being developed, following the example of other European countries, to monitor people in isolation, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at a press conference on Wednesday. People in isolation will be monitored electronically, via an app we’re developing with the Ministry...

Macedonia 31.03.20 | 12:31

Macedonian citizens returning from Austria and Switzerland quarantined in the Popova Sapka ski resort

A group of 154 Macedonian citizens returning from abroad were quarantined in the Popova Sapka and Slavija hotels, at the Popova Sapka ski resort. The isolated resort is offered for quarantine purposes by the ELEM energy company that manages the hotels. The group includes people returning from Vienna...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 09:43

180 Macedonian nationals to return from Bonn and Cologne

A flight carrying 180 Macedonian nationals from Bonn and Cologne is to arrive after midnight on Monday. The passengers will be taken to some of the state-run quarantine facilities to spend 14 days in isolation.

Macedonia 26.03.20 | 14:11

More than 10.000 citizens are ordered to self-isolate

There are currently 10.414 people ordered into self-isolation across Macedonia. These are mostly citizens who were abroad as the coronavirus was spreading through Europe and elsewhere, and returned home. So far, 149 were charged or reported for violating the order. Overnight, the evening curfew was violated...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 10:00

Man faces 1.000 EUR fine for refusing to self-isolate

A man from Kavadarci faces a 1.000 EUR fine for refusing to self-isolate after he returned from a trip to Germany, which is considered a moderate risk country for spreading the coronavirus. The man refused to sign a declaration that he ill enter into self-isolation and a day later he was not in his home,...