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Macedonia 29.11.19 | 11:46

Juncker says French veto for Macedonia and Albania was a “shameful” move

Outgoing European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said the French decision to veto the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia and Albania was “shameful”. If Europe’s strength lies in us being a reliable partner, someone to count on to defend the multilateral rules-based global...

World 17.10.19 | 17:07

Boris asks the Parliament to support the Brexit deal he made with the EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the Parliament to accept the deal that was announced today between his Government and the European Union. Meanwhile, outgoing European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said that the deal means there will be no delays to Brexit, and the United Kingdom...

Macedonia 04.06.19 | 20:23

As his time runs out, Zaev pleads with Juncker and Hahn to help him open accession talks

Zoran Zaev met with EU officials Jean Claude Juncker and Johannes Hahn in Brussels to ask them to help ensure that member states honor the promise to open accession talks with Macedonia, especially after the imposed name change. The issue is becoming a major source of problems for Zaev, who rammed the...

World 22.02.19 | 20:17

Orban demands answers from Juncker about the EU migration plans

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban demands answers from Brussels on their future migration plans and accused Brussels of being extremely short-sighted in its overall strategic outlook. It is not possible to go into a campaign like we’re in the end of the 19th century at the time of Franz Joseph...

Macedonia 11.01.19 | 17:56

After Weber declares against he Prespa treaty, Juncker says he supports it

Outgoing European Commission chief Jean Claude Juncker was asked about the Macedonain name deal between Zaev and Tsipras today, and he urged the two countries to complete it in the agreed timeline. It is rarely that someone carries such responsibility before history and I woud like this process to be...

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