Tag: kidnapping
Macedonia 09.12.19 | 17:32

Man from Aracinovo kidnapped his 16 year old girlfriend

A family from the village of Aracinovo near Skopje reported to the police that their 16 year old daughter was forcibly kidnapped by her 22 year old boyfriend. The incident in the majority ethnic Albanian village known as one of the least safe areas in the capital happened yesterday afternoon. The police...

Balkans 08.12.19 | 12:04

Macedonian businessman was held by Albanian kidnappers demanding 250.000 EUR in ransom

A Macedonian businessman, identified by the police as Davor V. (23) was kidnapped yesterday in the Albanian capital Tirana. Three kidnapers held Davor and demanded he organizes a payment of 250.000 EUR for his release. Albanian police intervened and was able to free the hostage. The incident occurred...

Macedonia 22.02.19 | 19:10

Police confirms identity of the body found in Nerezi, as fear and speculations spread in the capital

Skopje police confirmed today that the body of a man that was found near the village of Nerezi on Thursday is that of Goran Atanasovski (35). Goran was reported missing on Wednesday, after he left a shopping mall on the foothills of Mt. Vodno. The body was found in a village on Mt. Vodno, with his vehicle...

Life 29.01.19 | 14:01

Chaos in Shuto Orizari: People thought they caught kidnappers, end up beating police officers

Two police officers were hospitalized late Monday after being attacked by a large group of people in Shuto Orizari. As the Interior Ministry informed, three people were attacked, two of whom were police officers, and it was reported that the three had dragged a female person into a van. “A girl...

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