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Macedonia 15.10.20 | 16:57

Man stabbed to death during a mass fight in Prilep

A person was killed in Prilep during a fight yesterday evening, which had to be broken up with warning shots by the police. The incident occurred in the low income Trizla part of Prilep. The police is still determining the reason for the incident and have said that it involved two groups of men, some...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 13:08

Mass knife and gun fight in a village near Skopje – one killed, three injured

A man was killed and at least three were injured in a mass gun and knife fight that erupted yesterday evening in a restaurant in the village of Batinci, south-east of Skopje. Police said that the incident began as a heated argument, and at one point knives and guns were drawn. The casualty is S.P. (29),...

Macedonia 20.06.19 | 21:30

Man badly injured in a knife fight in Skopje’s Cair

Mass knife fight broke out on the Cvetan Dimov boulevard in Cair yesterday night, during which one man was stabbed and badly injured. The victim is identified as A.R. (24), while the 29 year old B.B. was arrested. The police say they are investigating the incident.

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 21:35

Boy, 13, stabbed in Cair

A 13 year old boy was stabbed in Skopje yesterday evening, the police informed. The incident happened in Skopje’s central Cair district. The boy was attacked in front of a bakery by several persons. One of them stabbed the boy in the back and the left arm. He was rushed to the St. Naum of Ohrid...

Macedonia 23.03.19 | 09:37

Knife fight in front of the SPO office

A knife fight was reported yesterday evening on the Franklin Roosevelt street in Skopje, in front of a bar close to the Special Prosecutor’s Office. According to the Netpress news site, several younger men were involved in the incident. The downtown area that was normally calm and peaceful was...

Macedonia 10.01.19 | 16:20

Media Agency employee pulled a knife on a female colleague

An male employee at the Media Agency (AVMU) threatened a female colleague with a knife on Wednesday. Netpress news site reports that the attacked employee identified as Sh.T. reported the attack in the afternoon. She said that the attacker N.Z. at first harassed her verbally, and then pulled the knife...