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Macedonia 23.09.20 | 11:50

Head of the main Covid-19 clinic in Macedonia says it has run out of money

Hristijan Kostov, manager of the 8th of September hospital in Skopje, which treats the most severe coronavirus cases, publicly warned that they are facing a financial collapse. Kostov said that the old “military hospital” treated 12,000 patients during the unprecedented crisis without receiving...

Macedonia 30.06.20 | 14:11

Main corona clinic director: We admitted 18 new very serious cases, the staff can’t cope anymore

The “8th of September” hospital has admitted 18 new Covid-19 patients who came in a very serious condition. Hospital director Hristijan Kostov warns that, with 140 patients, the main coronavirus clinic in Macedonia is at the end of its strength. According to Kostov, too many patients fight...

Macedonia 29.05.20 | 15:21

Head of the “8th of September” hospital warns that more and more of their patients develop quickly progressing Covid-19 symptoms

Doctor Hristijan Kostov, head of the “8th of September” hospital, which is one of the centers that treat Covid-19 patients in Skopje, alarmed the public that more and more patients that arrive have a very difficult version of the illness. Over the past days we have between 6 and 8 patients...

Macedonia 27.09.19 | 15:12

Hospital manager says the latest incident was verbal, not physical assault

Hristijan Kostov, manager of the 8th of September hospital, denied the report that doctors were physically assaulted yesterday by the family of a deceased patient, insisting that it was merely a verbal incident. Kostov also insists that the doctors were not protesting in front of his office this morning,...

Macedonia 28.02.19 | 10:57

Karpalak bus crash reveals serious problems in the public healthcare system

The tragic bus crash on the Skopje – Tetovo highway on February 13th which killed 15 people and left 30 more injured revealed serious flaws in the healthcare system. The trauma center in the 8th of September hospital in Skopje, which cared for many of the patients, had serious problems caring for...

Macedonia 14.02.19 | 21:16

Hospital director: two patients remain critical

Hristijan Kostov, director of the “8th of September” hospital in Skopje informed that five patients remain in his hospital following yesterday’s tragic bus crash near Karpalak, and that two of them are in critical condition. A total of 14 people died in the crash, although Gostivar...

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