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Macedonia 01.09.20 | 10:33

US soldiers conduct exercises in Krivolak

Members of the 162 infantry regiment of the US army will take part in firing drills in the Krivolak army range in Macedonia over the next two weeks. The regiment is deployed in Kosovo as part of the KFOR force. Together with Macedonian soldiers, they will exercise tactical firing. The Americans will...

Macedonia 11.08.20 | 18:15

170 members of the US Armed Forces to hold joint training with members of Macedonia’s Army at Krivolak army field

170 members of the United States Armed Forces and 10 members of the Polish Armed Forces within KFOR, including vehicles, armament and equipment, will hold a joint training with members of the Army of Macedonia at Krivolak army field between August 19 and September 25. The Government adopted Tuesday a...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 12:15

Who are the people that are allowed to flaunt the mandatory quarantine orders?, VMRO asks

VMRO-DPMNE asked the Government to explain what happened with the announced mandatory quarantine for 200 citizens, after it was revealed that only one small group of Roma musicians are forced to remain first in an army firing range and then in a former asylum. Instead of the decrepit Krivolak barracks,...

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 11:37

Instead of the decrepit Krivolak barracks, returning citizens will be sent to the Demir Kapija asylum

After the Defense Ministry announced that a barracks in the Krivolak army range will be used to intern groups of Macedonian citizens returning from European countries until they’re checked for the coronavirus, outrage developed online and in the press. A dozen people who were sent there yesterday...

Macedonia 17.03.20 | 21:10

Krivolak army barracks will be used to isolate 200 citizens returning from Italy and other countries

Some 200 Macedonian citizens who are arriving from various European countries, many of them badly affected by the coronavirus epidemic, will be placed into a camp at the Krivolak army range, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said today. The Pepeliste army barracks will be used to collectively isolate...

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