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Macedonia 18.05.20 | 15:58

Machine gun wielding attackers take 30.000 EUR from a man near Skopje

A man from the village of Krusopek was attacked today in front of the Halk Bank branch in Saraj, west of Skopje. The man had more than 30.000 EUR on him when he was attacked by three men armed with automatic rifles. The group took the money and fled with a vehicle toward the Matka canyon.

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 15:05

Cocaine smuggling company wins public contracts, Slavjanka endangers police operation

Zaev’s government and crime are in a coalition, and the latest confirmation of this is the information that persons who were smuggling cocaine from Mexico also won public contracts, says Orce Gjorgjievski of VMRO-DPMNE’s EC. And today we learned from the media that there is a suspicion that...

Macedonia 19.02.20 | 22:24

Police seized one kilogram of cocaine near Skopje – believed to be part or a much larger shipment

The Interior Ministry today clarified that the cocaine seizure in the village of Krusopek near Skopje was just a small portion – one kilogram – believed be a part of a large shipment amounting to 1.3 tons that is being followed by several police services. Police sources denied earlier reports...

Macedonia 19.02.20 | 18:50

Culev on the major cocaine bust: The leadership of the Interior Ministry is no longer working with the criminals

Interior Minister Nake Culev said that the raid in which cocaine was seized in a village near Skopje marks the “end of the time when the leadership of the Interior Ministry was collaborating and was supporting the criminal structures in our country”. Culev shared the message through his social...

Macedonia 18.01.20 | 19:04

NLB bank robbers torched their getaway vehicle in a village near Skopje

The armed bank robbery that was carried out on Friday in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district was perpetrated by three attackers, the police informed today. The gang attacked an NLB bank branch and took about 8.700 EUR after threatening the employees with their weapons. After the robbery they fled in...

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