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Macedonia 04.07.22 | 20:15

Lambe symbolically sets French proposal on fire: If my diagnosis is pyromania, your diagnosis is treason

If my diagnosis is a pyromania, your diagnosis is treason, singer Lambe Alabakovski told the authorities, who opened today’s protest against the French proposal with the Macedonian national anthem. Alabakovski said that the Prespa Agreement, the Agreement with Bulgaria and the French proposal...

Macedonia 14.06.22 | 17:08

Lambe’s detention ends, his passport has been confiscated

The detention period of the Macedonian pop singer Lambe Alabakovski, who set fire to the Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola on June 4, expired. His detention for causing general danger for which he is charged has not been extended. However, as his lawyer Darko Stefanovski told “SDK”,...

Macedonia 08.06.22 | 20:20

Protest in Bitola – people demand freedom for Lambe Alabakovski

“Freedom for Lambe”, “There is no place for Vanco Mihajov in the city of Steve Naumov” were part of the messages written on the banners of the citizens who protested in front of the police station in Bitola, demanding freedom for the singer Lambe Alabakovski, who is in custody...

Macedonia 08.06.22 | 08:54

Protest to be held in support of Lambe in Bitola today

Today in Bitola at 18h a protest will be held in support of the singer Lambe Alabakovski who set fire to the door of the club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola. According to the reactions of the citizens, a large attendance is expected. “I am Lambe too” is the main motive on social networks...

Macedonia 07.06.22 | 17:29

“When people take justice into their own hands, then people are arrested in two days” – strong public support for Lambe Alabakovski

“I am Lambe too” echoes on social networks today where the public expresses strong support for the Macedonian singer, who is detained as a suspect in the fire at the front door of the Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola. Some of them do not justify the crime, but almost...

Macedonia 07.06.22 | 14:10

Singer Lambe Alabakovski is the person who set the door of the “Ivan Mihajlov” club in Bitola on fire

Macedonian pop singer Lambe Alabakovski set fire to the door of the “Ivan Mihajlov” club in Bitola, “Sloboden pecat’ reported. Earlier Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski informed on Facebook that that the perpetrator who set fire to the club has been arrested. I am pleased...

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